PUBLISHED: 4:12 AM 15 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 7:05 PM 16 Sep 2016

Hillary’s Medical Report Finally Out, Shows Brain Damage And Even THIS

Since collapsing on the sidewalk in New York and then emerging from her daughter’s apartment a few hours later, there has not been a confirmed public sighting of Hillary Clinton.

Although she did, apparently, conduct a phone interview with Anderson Cooper Monday evening, she has since called off her campaign trip to California, and has cancelled her scheduled appearance on The Ellen Show.

With her campaign airplane Hill Force One effectively grounded, it’s unclear exactly where Secretary Clinton is at present.


Hillary Clinton taking a neurological test with Dr. Lisa Bardack after her dramatic collapse on Sunday, 9/11.

Adding to the mystery is the release of an apparently confidential medical progress report online at a common hacking release site,, has sparked a new wave of speculation about Clinton’s health. (The original Pastebin document was inexplicably removed from the site, but has been archived.) According to the report, Clinton’s condition worsened quickly since Sunday.


From the report:

Mental status rapidly declined over past 24 hours. Arousable by loud voice commands, but immediately lapses into stupor without further response. …

Global Irreversible Brain Damage caused by Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy. …

Hillary Clinton is in a high-security, secluded and private, intensive care unit with 4:1 nursing 24/7. …

Putative Brain Death – Patient too unstable for apnea test. Awaiting confirmation from SSEP and possible nuclear medicine study.


Death no later than October 12, 2016.


Along similar lines, it has now come to light that Clinton avoided the ER in New York in order to keep her true condition under wraps, opting instead to “rest” in her daughter’s apartment in the city. Additionally, earlier in the month Clinton had received secret medical procedures for chronic sinus infections, allergic complications, and other bacterial infections. As explains:

Hillary Clinton battled a sinus condition so bad that she had surgery and a follow-up brain scan – but never told voters – her doctor revealed for the first time on Wednesday evening. …

Through the race Clinton has battled the perception that she’s not been fully honest with the American people.

The disclosure of another secret medical treatment will only fuel questions in Democratic circles about the impact on Clinton’s poll ratings for candor.

She had dismissed claims she had been unwell as conspiracy theories – but never told anyone she had been treated in January for an ear infection which involved the intervention with a drainage tube. …

Clinton’s updated health history stated that she takes thyroid and allergy medicines and the blood thinner Coumadin, prescribed as a preventative after she suffered a blood clot resulting from a 2012 concussion.

The blood clot, which was in a vein in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear, led Clinton to spend a few days in New York-Presbyterian Hospital and take a month-long absence from the State Department for treatment.

Clinton has spent the past three days out of the public eye, recuperating at her suburban New York home. She’ll return to the campaign trail Thursday, with a rally in North Carolina and a speech before a Hispanic group in Washington.

‘I just talked to her — she’s feeling great and I think she’ll be back out there tomorrow,’ former President Bill Clinton said Wednesday, when he stepped in for his wife at a previous scheduled campaign event in Las Vegas.

And despite the massive pressure on her campaign to tell one true version of events, he described her illness as the ‘flu’.

Oddly, however, only a couple days earlier, Bill Clinton said Hillary had pneumonia–but now claims she has the flu. A general medical exam is reassuring, but, as even Tom Brokaw argued on Sunday, Hillary Clinton needs to see a neurological specialist if she wants to put all these rumors to rest–one way or another.


A peculiar pose for Clinton, who also seems to have lost tens of pounds 90 minutes after collapsing on Sunday.

While Dr. Bardack’s report about Hillary Clinton may seem to confirm that Hillary is healthy, in fact her report is highly problematic. As Dr. Milton Wolf explained on Twitter Wednesday evening:

dr-wolf-against-bardack-ct-scan-fake* * *

UPDATE (September 15, 2016):

Dr. Wolf is at it again!


This story is still unfolding, so stay tuned for breaking developments.