PUBLISHED: 7:47 PM 19 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 8:10 PM 19 Dec 2017

BREAKING: Hillary Victory Fund BUSTED As Commission Filing Uncovers $84 Million In “Brazen” Act

Hillary Clinton busted...again!

Hillary Clinton busted…again!

The Committee to Defend the President (CDP), a political action committee (PAC) filed a complaint this week with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). They are claiming that the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF), with help from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), funneled $84 million illegally through state party chapters and back into the pockets of the Clinton campaign.

The complaint details the “brazen” scheme where large donations were solicited from donors such as Calvin Klein and Seth MacFarlane. The document then states;

“Based on publicly available FEC records, repeatedly throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, HVF would purportedly transfer funds to its constituent political committees, which included between 34 and 40 state parties. On the very same day each of these transfers supposedly occurred, or occasionally the very next day, every single one of those state parties purportedly contributed all of those funds to the DNC.”

CDP lawyer Dan Backer points out that this type of scheme is in direct violation of a Supreme Court ruling. It also broke FEC campaign contribution rules stating that only $2,700 may be donated by an individual;

“Apparently the DNC’s response to the ruling was, ‘Hold my Beer.’ These donations were specifically earmarked for the DNC and the campaign committee. It’s not entirely clear if they transferred the money to the state parties to begin with, and if they never had control of the money, it’s not a contribution. It’s an earmark. If the money is in control of the candidate, then it is a contribution to them.”

Dan Backer states that HVF acted in direct violation of the law.

Another passage of the complaint outlines a series of transactions where HVF would disburse their contributions to state parties, sometimes up to 40 at the same time. Within 24 hours, the parties would send it back;

“It appears virtually every single disbursement from HVF to a state party resulted in an immediate transfer of the same amount of funds from the state party to the DNC. Over 99% of funds transferred through HVF to state parties wound up at the DNC.”

The complaint is similar to allegations in Donna Brazile’s recent book Hacks. The former DNC chair stated;

“Individuals who had maxed out their $2,700 contribution limit to the campaign could write an additional check for $353,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund—that figure represented $10,000 to each of the 32 states’ parties who were part of the Victory Fund agreement—$320,000—and $33,400 to the DNC. The money would be deposited in the states first, and transferred to the DNC shortly after that. Money in the battleground states usually stayed in that state, but all the other states funneled that money directly to the DNC, which quickly transferred the money to [Clinton campaign headquarters in] Brooklyn.”

The claims in Donna Brazile’s book reinforce what is in the CDP document.

Ted Harvey, chairman of the CDP, states that this is information America needs;

“What we have found, people need to see. I think it’s important that the American public has an understanding of how corrupt this campaign system was and that they were doing anything they could to secure the nomination in her favor.”

Source: Fox News