Potty-Mouth Hillary Posts Video

PUBLISHED: 1:23 AM 30 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 1:23 AM 30 Jan 2018

Hillary Posts Profanity-Laced Video To Thank Activists

Perhaps Clinton is trying a new technique to gain back support.

This post makes it look as if Hillary has lost her mind.

Hillary Clinton, the former Presidential candidate who famously ran on a number of third-wave feminist concepts, released an interesting video for her Twitter followers on Friday.

The message, which started out as the kind of boilerplate pandering that politicians perform all the time, took a strange turn at the end when she thanked all ‘her’ “activist b******,” a phrase that feminist usually bristle at.

The message contains little of value.  In it, Hillary Clinton simply says that she wants to thank everyone following her, continuing on to say “thanks for your feminism, for your activism, and all I can hope is you keep up the really important, good work.”

Nothing out of the ordinary there, especially not for a ‘politician’ who can’t seem to go away even after having been repeatedly defeated by the likes of Barack Obama and Donald Trump (and nearly beaten by Bernie Sanders).

However, when prompted by someone off-camera, she added a last thought, saying “and let me just say, this is directed to the activist b****** supporting b******.  So let’s go.”  A stunning thing for a woman who ran on a heavily ‘feminist’ platform to say, using a word so long considered demeaning to women.

Usually, Hillary Clinton is known to be polite and proper in public.  Those who worked with her in the Senate, or in the Clinton White House, however, remember her differently.

Indeed, many Secret Service agents and White House staffers recall their time working around Hillary Clinton as a terrifying time, filled with vulgarities and temper tantrums from the foul-mouthed former First Lady.

The video was posted by a Huffington Post commentator, who explained away the triggering use of the slur ‘b****’ as a shout-out for the group ‘Activist B****** Supporting B******.’

The video emerged at a bad time for former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, after revelations came to light about how her campaign hired a spiritual advisor who sexually harassed campaign employees.

Victims claimed that rather than firing the ‘spiritual advisor,’ a man named Burns Strider, Clinton fought to keep him on the staff, ignoring not only the claims of the victim but also the suggestions of her campaign manager.

It’s also interesting to see that Hillary Clinton’s feminist stances were less about an actual concern for or affiliation with the feminist message but rather were cheap political posturing because she thought it would get her elected.

Many commentators found it hard to square Hillary Clinton’s newfound stance that she would ‘believe all women’ with her past.  Hillary Clinton took center stage in smearing the women who accused her husband of sexual impropriety, assaults, and even rape, after all.

Further, Hillary Clinton continuously complained about President Donald Trump being a vulgar person.  To be fair to her, President Trump is indeed a fairly vulgar individual.  However, he didn’t run a candidate pretending he was otherwise.

Perhaps her disingenuous nature is why Hillary Clinton could never win the most powerful position in the nation. People picked up on the fact that Hillary Clinton’s ‘public’ face was little more than a façade, and it didn’t play well with most of them.

So, was Hillary Clinton’s newfound feminism an affectation, or was it something she thoroughly believed in?  It is likely we will never know for sure.

It is also likely that the answer to the question, though it may be heavily debated, will never be important to the country.  Hillary Clinton is unlikely to be able to run for President again, and will likely be relegated to the dust heap of history as a mediocre New York Senator and an awful First Lady who helped her husband by ruining the reputations of women he cheated on her with.

Future generations are not likely to learn about Hillary Clinton as a ‘feminist hero.’  A realistic historical account of her tenure in politics would be filled with corruption, dirty dealing, and dishonesty.

It’s interesting to see how forgiving third-wave feminists are when the ‘right’ people use the word b**** to describe a woman or a group of women. These are the same people who fly off the handle when a man uses the phrase, even in jest, but the woman who almost became president can use it without fear of reproach, apparently.

No one knows quite when Hillary Clinton will disappear from politics and media and return to obscurity.  We can all hope that day will be soon.

But until then, we will continue to see examples of her hypocrisy with each passing day.