PUBLISHED: 1:35 PM 4 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 1:49 AM 5 Sep 2016

Hillary Now Claiming Her Brain Damage “Made Her Do It”

Poll Numbers Shrinking, FBI Lurking In, Americans Starting To See She Must Be Defeated

Poll Numbers Shrinking, FBI Lurking In, Americans Starting To See She Must Be Defeated

Poll Numbers Shrinking, FBI Lurking In, And Mental Health Being Exposed Now!

The FBI released their notes and briefings from their meeting with Hillary Clinton late Friday evening because they wanted to hide the story from the American people over a holiday weekend. The FBI report indicated that Hillary was more careless than we originally believed with classified information and she used her concussion and health as an excuse, which is ironic given that she denies having any health issues.

The FBI indicates that in December of 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion and then around the New Year found a blood clot on her brain. The FBI report also indicates that Clinton’s doctors warned her that her injury was so severe that she could only work at the State Department for short periods of time. We recently learned that Hillary spent 55% of her time at the State Department meeting with donors, so the concussion hampered her pocket book a little it appears.

While the FBI refused to recommend charges to the DOJ, we see that Clinton suffered major health problems in 2010, so imagine how poor her health has gotten six years later. According to Clinton’s doctor, she experienced double vision and dizziness after the incident, which forced her to miss several meetings and classified meetings.

While Hillary’s health was a major issue the FBI admitted, Hillary and her top henchmen, Huma Abedin, lost

The FBI documents reveal that Hillary still suffers from a concussion, she experiences “mental fatigue,” and she missed various top official meetings via her concussion. As if that isn’t bad enough, the FBI also reported that Hillary Clinton “lost” 13 mobile devices, 5 iPads, and several documents went missing while she was Secretary of State.

The pattern is very clear here. Hillary did not “lose” 13 cell phones and 5 iPads. Hillary Clinton deleted all emails and documents from 2010-2012 from her email server because she had emails on there about Benghazi and had she failed our men and women, according to FBI sources speaking anonymously.

FBI agents indicated that Hillary Clinton destroyed these devices and iPads because they contained information proving she allowed Benghazi to happen. They show evidence that our brave men were begging for help that night and she left them to die. She didn’t “lose” 18 devices, she had them destroyed with hammers so she could protect her lies from the American people. The report indicates Hillary told her staffers to use hammers to destroy these devices so they were not retrievable. Why would she do that if she had nothing to hide?

Federal law prohibits the unauthorized transfer, storage, or destruction of classified information as well as the destruction of government documents, which includes the work-related emails on Clinton’s server and mobile devices. The FBI has nonchalantly indicated that Hillary Clinton has broken more than a dozen federal laws, yet she is apparently “too big to jail.”

The report also shows that Hillary stated she did not know what “c” meant on emails. While she may have believed it stood for “corrupt,” it stands for “classified.” Hillary didn’t care about the difference between different classification levels, and may not even have understood them–which again speaks to her incompetence, mental health issues, and “above the law” mentality.


How Can Our Top Diplomat Be This Incompetent?

The FBI point blank asked Hillary to clarify the difference between Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential classification levels of U.S. government information, and she responded that she did not pay attention to the ‘level’ of classified information. She admitted she did not know the severity of what she was allowing to be shared on all 18 of her devices, yet she wants to be trusted with the highest office in the land?

The notes also suggest that when Hillary was asked if she deliberately disregarded the sensitive information, and she responded aggressively saying that the information didn’t actually matter. How can this woman be trusted with anything? “Clinton was not concerned the displayed email contained classified information,” the notes say. “Clinton believed the email amounted to a ‘condolence call’ and questioned the classification level. Hillary was sending out so much classified information that we shouldn’t be surprised that foreign governments intercepted it.

Hillary Continues To Lie About Her Own Lies

Hillary Continues To Lie About Her Own Lies

Clinton also used her private, unsecured email server to send at least 22 emails that included information classified as “Top Secret,” the highest level of confidentiality. As long as Hillary Clinton has served in government, she is well aware of the procedural aspects that clearly indicate devices containing government documents that are set to be destroyed must go through the proper channels to ensure our national security is not breached. A majority of Americans would understand the severity of that, but not Hillary Clinton and her henchmen. They do not care about following the rules because they continue to get away with every felony they commit.

Clinton supporters are using this moment as if she has been vindicated because she didn’t mean to expose classified information to foreign powers, but this is nothing more than classic Clinton behavior. The FBI’s report proves that if she were any ordinary person, she would be in jail. This woman continues to abuse, lie, and mishandle our nations top secrets, and people think she deserves to be president of the United States. That is absurd.

Millions of American families list national security as their top priority, and we deserve someone that will absolutely never sell out the American people, our military, our national security, and the safety of our children. It has been established that if Hillary Clinton conducts herself as President even half as recklessly as she has to date, she will get many Americans killed. I am not willing to give her that chance.

Are you?