Hillary Cites Facts

PUBLISHED: 10:11 PM 25 May 2018
UPDATED: 10:12 PM 25 May 2018

Hillary Insists Democrats Believe In Facts

Hillary Clinton wants facts, just not all of them. She only wants the ‘real ones,’ not the ones that can put her in jail.

For Ms. Clinton facts come in two different flavors, real or alternative.

When Hillary Clinton puts down her wine glass long enough to come out of hiding, she makes certain she is surrounded by like-minded supporters. She popped up at the New York State Democratic Party’s convention held Wednesday on Long Island.

“As Democrats, we believe in facts, real ones, not the alternative kind,” she said. “It is hard to believe this even needs to be said, but that is where we are these days.”

She didn’t actually bring any facts with her though. They would have only got in the way of her propaganda.

The great thing about facts is that they stand on their own. Like the fact Hillary Clinton used Clinton Foundation influence to conduct a pay-for-play scheme to sell influence at all levels of government.

Oh wait, that is an “alternative fact.” Democrats don’t have to believe that one. Believing that one could put the former Secretary of State behind bars for a long time.

Hillary Clinton starts out from the very beginning with misleading deception. Instead of telling the truth, that she dug a quote out of Wikipedia because she wanted to use it, she lies and says a Senator who has been dead 15 years now is someone she thinks about all the time.

Channeling a bygone democratic icon, Hillary worked a well-chosen quote into her speech. “I followed in the footsteps of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, someone whose words have been on my mind recently,” she lied.

The quote she used is “everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not his own facts.” Moynihan is absolutely right but Hillary perverts the very meaning of the quote. For Ms. Clinton facts come in two different flavors, real or alternative.

Real ones are the ones that match her opinions. Alternative facts are anything that proves her wrong.

To Hillary Clinton, a fact like “hundreds of thousands of emails” were erased is “alternative.” The fact that a secret server even existed in the first place to erase them from, well, that is certainly not a “real” fact.

Hillary would like you to believe that facts back up her role as a liberal feminist. Only in some kind of bizarre alternate universe could Hillary Clinton turn a blind eye, as her husband had sex with interns in the White House Oval Office.

Perverts like Harvey Weinstein would never be spotted in public cuddling up with Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton.

Any independent person in this country can go through a list of the Federal Bureau of Investigation “investigators” and Department of Justice prosecutors assigned to examine Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email server. That list is a fact. Carved in stone.

The number of people on that list who donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign is also a fact. The unbelievably high percentage of Hillary supporters is independently verifiable. To Hillary Clinton, those sorts of truths are not reality.

The former first lady better fasten her seatbelt because her reality is going to be in for quite a jolt when Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ report is released any day now.

The draft version is described in reports as “extremely long and thorough.” The IG is probing into how Ms. Clinton was able to receive such “special” attention when she was investigated that all charges managed to get dropped.

Any criminal activity that the Inspector General finds gets referred over to the Department of Justice so that charges can be filed. “there is an expectation that there will be at least one referral for prosecution,” one “source familiar with the findings” leaked.

That referral will probably be someone in the FBI who helped facilitate Hillary’s slippery escape from justice. There is likely to be a lot more than just one criminal referral coming out.

Andrew McCabe has already been fired from his job as Deputy Director of the FBI. Horowitz sent a letter over to Jeff Sessions recommending criminal charges. It’s now up to the DOJ to prosecute him.

McCabe got caught lying to the FBI and to Congress. Three of four times he did it, were under oath.

Horowitz has yet a third Clinton related investigation going. The IG is looking into all the “alternative facts” that were uncovered showing Hillary Clinton’s campaign funneled millions of dollars into the creation of the Christopher Steele “dossier.”

Alternative facts demonstrate that the same dossier was used to weaponize the Justice Department itself. Wiretaps were illegally obtained by the people in charge of enforcing the law.

They were used to surveil the opposing party’s political candidate at the height of a hotly contested election. At least Nixon had the dignity to admit responsibility Watergate was virtually the same thing on a smaller scale.

All of these facts, though inconvenient enough to Hillary that she is trying to wish them away by ignoring them, stand on their own and withstand scrutiny from all sides.

The only thing keeping the Inspector General’s report out of the public hands right now is the guys with the security clearances are deciding just how much needs to be held back to protect our valuable secrets.

However, there will be plenty left that isn’t blacked out and it will be released soon.