PUBLISHED: 10:47 PM 5 Aug 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Raise Middle Class Taxes, Liberals Must Be Out Of Their Minds


Hillary Clinton has just revealed what could possibly be her worst idea yet. According to, Clinton’s foreign agenda isn’t just stupid, it’s downright expensive too.

According to a report on Fox News, Clinton is planning to increase taxes by as much as $1.3 trillion, after she found out that she was coming up over 2 trillion dollars short in paying for her foreign policy plan. According to the American Action Forum, “Clinton’s domestic agenda would have a dramatic effect on the federal budget.”

Gordon Gray, the Director of Fiscal Policy for the American Action Forum, has said that this prediction is based off “estimates of policy proposals from the Clinton campaign itself”, combined with “independent analyses from the Tax Policy Center For A Responsible Federal Budget.”

Gray believes that Clinton’s plan to expand the purview of government into “family leave” and “student loans” would make up a large portion of this gigantic deficit, and will help contribute to an ever increasing national debt” that currently stands at $19.358 trillion.”

Actually, the numbers for public debt could be much higher. Gordon found that “the amount of debt held by the public alone would reach $25.825 trillion” by 2026 if Clinton is allowed to implement her plan.

Currently, America’s public debt stands at $13. 968 trillion.

According to OnTheIssues, Hillary Clinton consistently favors raising taxes for ALL Americans. The website published a list indicating how specifically Clinton would do this. Well, it looks pretty bad. Clinton strongly opposes the GOP’s tax plan for New York Students, and instead favors HIGHER TAXES.

Clinton also believes that hard working, self made, financially successful Americans should pay the price for their success, literally. She favors a 30% tax rate on millionaires.

In all measures, Clinton favors higher taxes. This is absolutely unacceptable.

GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump also had something to say about Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous tax plan.  Mr. Trump, posting on his official facebook page, said that Clinton’s latest move reveals the truth behind her intentions.

She has been planning to raise taxes on America’s middle class all along.

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