Hillary 2020?

PUBLISHED: 6:40 PM 9 Jul 2018

Hillary Clinton Preparing 2020 Campaign?

Some political commentators suspect that she's preparing to run again, even though her loss in 2016 was fairly resounding.

According to multiple sources, Hillary Clinton my be preparing to try, once more, to become the President of the United States of America.

In what was likely one of the most crushing moments of her life, on November 8, 2016, Hillary Clinton found out that yet again, she was not going to be President of the United States of America. She lost the race to Donald J. Trump, in spite of positive polling information from almost every possible source and the media’s ridicule of Trump.

After the loss, many political commentators suggested that her time as a politician had come to an end. However, some have recently claimed that she appears to be gearing up to run again, after the last resounding loss. Her super PAC’s website, which ‘advances the vision’ that she ran on in 2016, is apparently testing the waters. Given her many health concerns and the fact that she has had trouble walking, could she really run? What voter fraud does she think will carry her to victory now?

Michael Goodwin, writing for the New York Post, has suggested that all signs point to yes. Most interestingly of all, he makes a good case for the idea that she is secretly preparing for a third run at the presidency, after losing both to Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Goodwin points out that Hillary Clinton’s super PAC has repeatedly sent out emails for fundraising purposes or to motivate followers to go to ‘protests’ in their area.

In fact, five times in the last thirty days, she has sent out emails bragging about her super PAC’s efforts as the ‘resistance’ to President Trump’s agenda, often seizing on headline events in order to profit personally.

The group sent out an email concerning the border separation policy issue, which called Trump’s leadership “horrific” and suggested that she warned everyone in 2016 about what would happen if he won. Of course, the rising economy and general improvements that the President have made are actually helping to destroy the swamp in which and her cronies could get rich, so her palpable hatred is expected.

Within the week, she sent out a second email, bragging about how her group, Onward Together, raised $1 million, and talking about splitting it between a number of pro-illegal immigrant groups and the ACLU to fight for (illegal) immigrant rights, something she never cared about before.

The day after United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his decision to retire, she wrote another email, introducing the newest member of the ‘resistance,’ ‘Demand Justice.’

The organization promised that it would help to protect “reproductive rights, voting rights, and access to healthcare” as well as other leftist legal priorities. The group plans to do this by helping keep Democrats ‘united’ against any new Supreme Court Justice nominated by Donald J. Trump who is more conservative than Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

‘Demand Justice’s’ executive director is Brian Fallon, who served as Mrs. Clinton’s campaign press secretary in 2016.

According to Goodwin, this simply presents more evidence that she’s getting the band together for one last shot. Indeed, even the description of the Onward Together group sounds like the beginning of a campaign organization.

Its own homepage brags that it is dedicated to “advancing the ‘vision’” that walked away with almost 66 million votes last election cycle, yet still managed to lose to a complete political outsider.

Are conditions even right for former SecState Clinton to make another run at the title?

Shockingly, the political landscape on the left might be a bit more friendly to such a run than many would think.

After all, with the 2020 presidential election just over two years away, there are no clearly-defined frontrunners for the party.

Sure, the left likes to talk about Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and of course the ever-cantankerous Bernie Sanders.

However, Kamala Harris seems to lack appeal to most moderates, Elizabeth Warren has spent much of the last year running from her claims of Native American heritage (which she profited handsomely from earlier in life), Joe Biden doesn’t seem interested (perhaps more interested in finding children to grope) and is rarely mentioned in the news, and the Democrat National Convention recently made it impossible for Sanders to run as a Democrat again unless he changes his party affiliation.

On the other hand, if the left was lukewarm in its reception to the idea of a Clinton presidency in 2016, the waters have chilled since then. Whether the reason for the chill is due to evidence of wrongdoing in the federal government to protect her from facing consequences for her email server, the fact that she lost to a person the left considers completely unlikable, or simply the way that she failed to campaign in swing states two years ago is up for debate, but the result is the same.

It doesn’t seem like people are excited at the prospect of Hillary Clinton being involved in politics again.

Even so, Mrs. Clinton has ramped up her public appearances and fundraising in recent weeks, and appears to be collecting the people she would need for a 2020 run.

For those on the right, this could be a dream come true. Her constant appearances around the world suggested that not only did she not learn anything from her 2016, but that she would likely double down on the same things that cost her the election two years ago.

The DNC might want to reconsider before coronating the same person who lost twice in a row to the man they’ve vilified as ‘unelectable.’ Or they can get used to the idea of another four years of Making America Great Again while they scream that the sky is falling.