Clinton Fractures Wrist

PUBLISHED: 9:54 PM 16 Mar 2018

Hillary Clinton Injures Herself Again, Falls In Bathtub And Fractures Wrist

She was visiting India at the time of the accident.

Clinton manages to injure herself with great regularity.

When the election cycle was in full force, candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton was not. She had stumbled, stammered, and stuttered all during the campaign. Many worried if she would be able to sit up for dinner much less run the country, and it seems that her woes did not go away after the stress and exhaustion of the campaign trail ended, as the Daily Mail shows today.

Last Tuesday, Clinton took a spill in the bathtub and fractured her wrist. She kept the injury concealed “under a navy shawl three days after” the incident which took place at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India. The former First Lady has been in the country, largely slandering President Donald Trump and making up excuses as to why she lost….still.

Clinton, 70, was told by doctors that she had only suffered a sprain, though that now seems to have been an error. The mishap “forced her to cancel plans to visit the Mehrangarh Fort that” she was to attend in the evening

The pain continued to worsen, so on Wednesday, Clinton went to the Goyal Hospital. There, CT scans and X-rays showed that the would-be president suffered a hairline fracture, which is a bit more serious of an injury, according to the Times of India.

Her wrist was “wrapped in a crepe bandage” and she was told to rest it. In three days, she is to see a doctor again at whatever location she is at. It seems safe to say that Mrs. Clinton has fallen for India.

While some people dwell in waiting rooms until they feel as if they may fossilize, Clinton was much more fortunate and was at the hospital “was here for about 15-20 minutes.”

Considering that this is the third fall (twice on just one flight of stairs while being helped, even!) that the former New York Senator has suffered in India, that may have been part of the reason for the rush. She was forced to cancel “her planned itinerary in Jodhpur, as she was scheduled to leave for the next stop of her trip, Jaipur, on a chartered plane Thursday morning,” DNA India reports.

It was her right hand that also caught her as she fell twice on the stairs, so it is possible that the wrist was already weakened from that. The bigger question is, even in the bathtub, why can’t she stand up? Why does she walk so weakly and appear so frail so often?

Injuries and toppling are something that appears to happen to Mrs. Clinton quite regularly. As a matter of fact, she seems to take spills almost as often as Democrat Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has speaking errors and brain freezes.

While everyone, regardless of their political worldview, hopes that Clinton is not seriously ill, it certainly is good that she is not today running the nation.

Until she is healthier, she may wish to quit poking jabs and speaking sour grapes about the White House while in India (or elsewhere), too.