PUBLISHED: 8:29 PM 12 Jan 2017

Hillary Clinton For Mayor? THIS City Is About To Get A Not-So-Presidential Leader

Hilary Clinton is debating a New York City mayoral run, to the sorrow of liberty lovers the world over.

Hilary Clinton is debating a New York City mayoral run, to the sorrow of liberty lovers the world over.

Hilary Clinton is debating a New York City mayoral run, to the sorrow of liberty lovers the world over.

After exhausting her presidential recount dreams behind Jill Stien and then finding out the recent news that Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with the election of Donald Trump, most people would expect Clinton to fade away in the shadows of the “Hall of Shame.”

After all, it is now known that she did not even win the popular vote as is widely claimed once illegal and votes from the dead are factored out. It seems that Donald Trump was right when he said how amazing it was that a lifelong Republican suddenly votes Democrat once they die.


Is Clinton going to follow in the footsteps of Weiner and run for the NYC mayor’s seat?

Well. in a twist of news that makes Anthony Wiener STILL stand out (the only “wiener” joke, we promise) as a good candidate, Hilary Clinton had not ruled out a New York City mayoral run. Much like a case of influenza that upon day five is still no better, Clinton returns with yet another threat indication that she could return once again run for public office.

While as toxic as bubonic wheezing to the lungs of liberty, Clinton has remained very popular in New York City. For reasons still unknown, she was very well liked during her tenure as Senator in there, so while she may not have really won the popular vote of the nation, she certainly won New York in a landslide.

This means that should Hilary again decide to haunt the halls of capitalism, she will most likely win. New York has already elected one over reaching mayor who saw fit to allow government to tell residents and stores what size sodas were allowed to be sold, so why not elect someone who helped strengthen ISIS by proxy when they destroyed Libya? After all, soda is bad for you, and clearly, so is defying Obama.


Scandals still surround Clinton, as do unanswered questions about many real issues.

Clinton may even be able to snake her way into seducing some “on the fence” voters to vote for her who voted for Trump in NYC. This could be done because current mayor DeBlasio has threatened legal action against Trump, something that Clinton can manipulate by saying, “even I did not do that, Mr. DeBlasio,” cue the applause, cut to potato chip commercials.

She has been known to have played both sides against the middle before, and many Trump voters in NYC are Trump supporters, much like yesterday’s “Reagan Democrats,” not GOP supporters. Clinton has won before in New York with nothing more than copping a New York accent and wearing a Yankee’s hat.

This could also prove quite interesting in another way, as well. In 2000, DeBlasio was actually Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager. Also, there is not one voice that speaks with any insight whatsoever into Mrs. Clinton nor of those within her circle that has downplayed the notion of her running for the mayorship. Tha last two times that Clinton has refused to say if she was going to run for office was the last two times that she ran for president.

The issue of Clintons waning health that was more than obvious in the run against Trump will be something that is supposed to be no more noticed that the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. While the “epipen” that her aid had was likely just a flashlight to prevent another Reaganesque assassination attempt, her failing, coughing, slurring, and looking whiter than raw milk is very real. Those who have been quick to discount this truth could take note that Clinton has not been seen very much since the election, though with the defeat that she faced, one can maybe understand why.


Is this the face of the future New York City mayor?

A lot of the scandals that worked to undo Clinton arose from New York City. Clinton could do a lot to hide many of those sins forever in the waste basket of time if she were to win office. It is also the home of president Donald Trump, so by electing Clinton on the East Coast and Eric Holder on the West Coast, the left could really sandwich Trump between two radical leftist’s in two of America’s most populated states.

This compounded with the mess that Obama is trying to leave Trump with in other areas could work to propel Donald Trump to a rather rocky start. This is of course what is desired since the left is more than happy to see Trump fail if it proves a point, even at the expense of America.

Clinton certainly has been trying to stay in the spotlight and glare of the politically correct crowd, having been seen at the New York City Broadway production of, “The Color Purple.” While a brilliant play and performance, such a racially touchy-feely’ show is what most excites the base of Clinton, so this fact can not be overlooked, either. It seems to be clear that Clinton is not done with her desire to rule in America, and her leftist base is only too happy to see it happen.

Anything that impedes Trump, even if Trump is proven right, is fair to such people. Thankfully, Trump is and has been well aware of this for quite some time. He is not likely to be very phased and knows he can beat Clinton with anything she tries in the future.