PUBLISHED: 10:23 PM 16 Mar 2017

Hillary Clinton Donated $675,000 To FBI’s Wife Who Was Conducting Investigation Of Email Server


Will Trump decide to stop Clinton once and for all?

Whenever the name “Hillary Clinton” meets with the word “donations,” things go rapidly towards corruption and illegal practices. Donations can be used as bribes, which isn’t a surprise to anyone. However, the amount of bribery involved with the Clinton’s is nothing short of mesmerizing. President Donald Trump has worked very hard to avoid dividing the nation further by locking her up as he had promised, which is his only broken one so far. However, her debating a mayoral run in New York City at the same time means that more corruption will certainly arise.

This is because of what the Washington Times called “revelations about some Clinton supporters. Her “allies invested heavily in the state Senate campaign of a Democrat at a time when her husband oversaw part of the FBI’s investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s secret email account.” News showing that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and his wife Jill “collected hundreds of thousands of dollars” from groups “overseen by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe” is the latest in a string of dirty tricks.


Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (pictured) is just one of the names that keep coming up in Clinton scandals.

The president said this back when he was merely running for office. “Hillary knew this money was being paid, and she has to be held accountable for this. She has to be held accountable because she knew that money, $675,000-plus, was being paid. So how is she allowed to continue to run for president.” This was said at the time because even then, it was well known that McAuliffe was a friend of the Clintons, so this money trail stands out.

It can be argued that donation is not the same as a bribe, but the line is so very thin at that point that the dictionary would be hard pressed to find the differences in meaning and practice. How many more donations would likely be coming from Clinton if she was to have been found guilty and lost the White House? No one is looking to make enemies of the Clintons, either, since doing so may get one killed like some suggest was the case with Vince Foster and many others.


Trump’s followers wanted to see her “locked up” and they may get their wish.

Apart from even that, many Americans who hear this news will just brush it aside. Perhaps this is largely because the sum of money is so high that it is all but impossible for most people to grasp it. This is just one of the large sums of money totaling well into the millions that the Clintons blow to buy, silence, persuade and muscle into place. This is why they are so heavily tied to people like George Soros who has his name in just about every single corrupt dealing from here to Hungary.

If Clinton is investigated yet again, it will be more than somewhat curious to see if her 900th time in the hot seat will make her more apt to lose the New York mayor’s race, should she run. Considering that New York is full of liberals who seem to love overly high taxes, it is possible that she could again walk away from this with something that resembles a career. Had they not been “openly running in secret” for the post, Trump may not be so prone now to pursue the matter. His own party may be asking him to do something now. Having her in the Big Apple at such a high-status position would not be something conducive to progress within America.


Hillary Clinton was found to very unlikeable in the debates, something that may not prove as true when sold to a Big Apple crowd if she runs for mayor.

It can not be thought that Clinton would be any more honest in the land of Yankees this time than she was the last time that she adorned the hat as Senator. Her Clinton foundation is still in operation, and she has still not accounted for all of that money that she received from Saudi Arabia. She was knee deep in the mire of the Obama administration when the horrors of what radical Islam could do was funded with taxpayers capital. Does the United States of America really want someone who is lax on security in charge of America’s largest city? Remember that Libyan terrorists were able to overrun those entrusted to her, and the country is still reeling from that night.

Beyond even the realm of that, how COULD she be more honest or careful with such matters when so much has been given to her by nations that now own her? Has no one ever asked why America can not produce energy because it warms the planet, but the Middle East can? We buy from them and they donate money so that we keep buying from them. That is why scoundrels like Clinton are chosen for such massive sums of donation money.


The corruption seen between Obama and Clinton during the eight years of him being in office were nothing shorts of staggering.

She can not be beholden to the people of New York if she takes money from people who are pushing sharia law not just in the Middle East, but in places in America. She will do nothing to stop caliphate “no go zones” in parts of Queens or the Bronx. If anything, she will carry the Islamic Crescent Moon in the parade as they beat women for driving in the name of tolerance for the amount of cash that she was given. She really is that sold out and compromised.

It remains to be seen what Donald Trump will do about pressing charges on her in light of the facts given. Things were quite different when she was licking her wounds and talking to the newspapers about settling into private life. However, she is not retiring; she is retreading. She is getting the Clinton machine back on the road after a terrible tune-up. We might see her run for one of the most important jobs in the nation for one of the biggest cities in the world.

Therefore, it matters that Trump does something to stop it if he can, even if that mines dividing the nation. The Democrats will not mind the division that they caused by allowing her to run. They can’t count on all of those miffed Bernie fans to forget how she treated him/them. Once that happens, Clinton is all but finished.