PUBLISHED: 2:22 PM 14 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 3:46 PM 14 Aug 2016

Hillary And Kaine’s White Minority Plan, “Whites Need To Learn Their Lesson”

Kaine Refusing To Listen To White People After His Remarks

Kaine Refusing To Listen To White People After His Remarks

Kaine Refusing To Listen To White People After His Remarks

Over the course of many years, Democrats have been secretly using identity politics to manipulate the American public into thinking that we should accept open borders, violent religions, and tolerate groups like Black Lives Matter.

Democrats have used this manipulative effort to deceive the American people for many years and now millions of voters are blindly convinced that conservatives are nothing more racist demagogues. The entire idea behind that is extremely ignorant, but it is the platform Democrats are pushing.

Liberals spend all of their time trying to tell everyone that conservatives are waging a war on blacks, Hispanics, women, and illegal immigrants when it is the Left that places everyone in pigeon holes. Liberals are the ones that aggressively use harmful identity politics to rally support, when in all actuality, they haven’t made life better for any minority groups. If they did, they wouldn’t be echoing the same things today that they did back in the 1960’s.

Tim Kaine Calling For Whites To Bow To All Blacks

Tim Kaine Calling For Whites To Bow To All Blacks

Liberals are framing their arguments this election cycle to portray white men as the ultimate enemy—and they are using Hillary’s VP Tim Kaine to lead their fight. The white man is responsible for America’s problems, according to Liberals.

Tim Kaine gave a speech to a group of black Baptists in New Orleans, and he made some rather interesting remarks during his speech. The video tagged below will be telling enough, but his true remarks are at the 20 minute mark. Take a listen:

Kaine suggested that the only way we can achieve “equity” between races is if white people submit themselves to similar states of oppression that blacks endured during slavery. Well, I would be willing to bet everything that no one reading this owned a slave or has treated blacks in that sense.

Slavery was a long, long time ago, but Democrats act like it just ended last week. A small portion of blacks alive today endured slavery. So why are so many acting like they have been disenfranchised slaves?

One could argue that there has never been a better time in this country to be a minority. Under Obama and Hillary Clinton’s policies, they have promoted every race BUT white people. They applaud groups like BLM over our police officers.

The real issue is that if blacks still feel as if they are being treated unfairly, why don’t they vote Republican this fall and watch their lives and communities get better? Democrats don’t do anything but allow minorities to live off welfare and government assistance. How is that helping at all? More than 40% of this country receives some sort of government assistance. That make no sense.

Stop Voting For Democrats That Aren't Helping You

Stop Voting For Democrats That Aren’t Helping You

So when people like Tim Kaine say:

“I’ve never been treated badly in life because of my skin color or my gender. If I’ve been treated badly in life it’s because the other person was a jerk or I deserved it. I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority–Caucasians. We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority.”

Moreover, this destruction of the American “middle” economy has had a dramatic effect on white Americans. Obama and Hillary have successfully made white people feel bad for being white.

Meanwhile, universities across the country are creating classes that teach white people to feel sorry for minorities. Liberal universities and media outlets are shaming white people for their skin color every day. Isn’t that racism? Why won’t the media cover that story?

So excuse me for not caring about “what it is like to be black.” The way I see it, being anything but white is the best race to be in the country in 2016. White people are shamed for everything and told they are privileged if they have success.

Statistics show whites are by far the least violent and make up the smallest percentage of those in prison, that isn’t a coincidence. Whites are the majority population and still make up the lowest percentage of those incarcerated.

Statistics Don't Lie

Statistics Don’t Lie

“Hillary and I both kind of challenge our Caucasian leaders and Caucasian communities to do that. She’s made it clear that taking on these inequities is one of the most important tasks of being our next president,” Kaine said in his speech.

Progressive policies (like Hillary’s) are the very reason this country has transformed into anti-white. Progressive policies are the sole reason we have these racial divides, mass government dependency, and economic mobility.

Look How High This Number Has Gotten Under Barack Obama

Look How High This Number Has Gotten Under Barack Obama

Do Democrats realize that ALL races can be granted a scholarship solely on their skin color EXCEPT white people? That is one of the most damning things to ever hear yet alone see in action. Education is not a privilege, you have to earn that degree and work for the career you want; not sit at home and collect welfare checks twice a months while struggling families are being shamed for being white.

Democrats have successfully shamed white people into believing they are privileged for every success they have, and Hillary Clinton will push those same policies for the next four to eight years if we allow her to become our 45th president.


Obama’s Failed Records Have Destroyed This Party

We aren’t just living in bad times, we are living in scary times. We are headed down a path that will be irreversible if we aren’t careful. In 2024, if Hillary serves as president for eight years, I guarantee you that we will have more than 50% of our entire population on government assistance as well as more than 20 million illegal immigrants in this country.

Luckily we have a lifeline. We have Donald Trump. The time to unite is now. We will never be a “united” states again if he is not elected in November. I implore you to get as many people registered to vote as possible as well as get to the polls in November.

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