Bragging about a life of selling drugs has landed this rapper behind bars for three years since police did not have to look very hard.

Most libertarians and those who have studied the Constitution have found that the government has very little legal right to conduct the War on Drugs as they have, but until this is addressed, the laws are what they are. This means that it is best to not sell drugs if one is trying to remain free. If a person does decide to engage in the practice, however, it may be wise to not write songs advertising what it is that one is doing!

Yahoo News reports that 30-year-old Michael Persaud all but invited the police to his side to arrest him by writing songs like “Sell Drugsz” and other such ditties. His choice of song titles has helped lead to his recent three-year prison sentence for doing just that, selling illegal drugs. Sometimes, the irony just hurts.

It seems that in many cases, those that dive into certain rap cultures begin to feel immune from the law. Many flash guns, gang signs, and other actions which make it all but impossible for law enforcement to not act.


Montana Millz (pictured) is likely wishing that he had not advertised and flaunted what he did for a living.

Persaud, whose stage name is “Montana Millz,” was lucky to only get three years considering that he was dealing deadly heroin and fentanyl. Persaud’s lawyer, Matthew Smith, calls the outcome “fair and just.” His client had faced a 6-year-sentence for his crimes.

It is hard to say if any of the drugs that he peddled cost anyone their lives or not.

An East Providence undercover detective purchased “nearly three-quarters of an ounce (22 grams) of fentanyl and a small amount of heroin from ” the rapper over a four-month period starting in October of 2016.


On top of that, authorities “seized 1½ ounces (44 grams) of fentanyl from his home.”

As heroin use destroys communities and lives, one rapper was boasting loudly in music videos that he sold it.

The entertainer’s woes are far from over, however. He faces additional problems for selling drugs in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. There, “a jury convicted him of drug charges.

It seems that Montana Millz may have a much better chance of succeeding in the music world if he could stay out of prison.


For that to happen, he may wish to consult others before naming his next single.

Source: Yahoo News