High School Constitution Lesson

PUBLISHED: 11:42 PM 6 Mar 2018

High School Students Get Second Amendment Lesson From ATF Agent With An Agenda

He proposed an 'assault weapons' ban.

This agent was simply indoctrinating children against guns it seems.

Since some people feel the need to abuse their Constitutional right to bear arms, some elements of society want everyone else to cower in fear and forsake the right in total. While this is clearly a plan that will only lead to more victims, many people have stood up and promoted a better way. When the Second Amendment was taught instead of loathed, revered instead of feared, the kinds of problems that we are seeing now were not as prominent.

Sean Martineck attended Kenmore West High School and “is a Blue Devil through and through,” according to the Daily Messenger. His “State University at Fredonia” were the Blue Devils and his daughters attend schools with the same sports teams to root for. He talked about all of this in the “government class of Victor Senior High School teacher Mike Myers” before getting into the meat of the matter: gun education. Regrettably, his views were not as steadfastly rooted in the founding document as it should be. He questioned “what the founding fathers meant” by the “shall not infringe.”

He spoke about “gun violence, the Second Amendment and getting illegal guns off the streets,” something that he knows a lot about. After all, he is a “special agent for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, assigned to the Violent Crime Task Force in the Rochester satellite office.

He told the story of how only a day prior, a report of a man standing in “downtown Rochester with a gun” led to authorities finding that the weapon was stolen from Maine. He spends a great deal of time in Rochester “because the gun crime is brutal there.

The agent was also on duty for “the 2012 Christmas Eve shooting in Webster” which left two firemen dead.

Myers and Martineck are friends who use “project-based learning in his classes with students” to talk about gun issues and “possible solutions” with pupils in the school. Sadly, the media has already gotten into the minds of many children so much so that they suggest often “banning all assault weapons, making doctors report on patients with mental illness and spending more money to make schools safer.”

Of course, they are blind to the fact (due to their tender age) that any mental bout of depression may be enough to cause someone the loss of their firearms. Moreover, they don’t understand how simple it would be to classify Christianity as a mental illness since the tenets of that faith consider certain behavior sinful–not genetic.

They also don’t know that banning anything does not work since criminals are, by their very nature, CRIMINAL!. They won’t obey the law, but those who have lost their weapons will be easy targets.

Addressing this, Meyers asked the class, “Those of you who are saying take away all the AR-15s, ask him about it. Has it been done before?”

The students said that if shootings happened more on Capital Hill or places like it, more would be done. Martineck felt that this was a dangerous worldview since he himself has children who attend school nearby.

The agent showed the seniors the vast amount of gear that he wears and said, “Imagine putting on all of this and you get out of a raid van and the guy takes off and you have to run after him with all this stuff on.” The attire weight between 35 and 40 pounds.

The most ironic part of the day may have come when the man who was part of “1,500 search warrant entries” said that often, those being arrested say, “I’m so glad it’s you guys. I’m so glad it’s you guys.” This is because doors are often broken down by rival gangs and the hot guns in question often end lives when that happens.

As to if guns should or should not be legal, the agent was not as open as some would expect. “My stance, as an ATF agent, is if they say this is the law, I’m going to enforce it,” admitted Martineck.

Woefully, he did seem to side with many Democrats when he stated of the Vegas shooting, “That video shocked me to the core. I couldn’t believe it. And for what? Are we at the tipping point or as the weeks go on, are we going to forget about it until the next shooting?

The agent also feels that change (like banning?) can happen if votes make it so, and he chastised those who feel that nothing can be done.

What can, must, be done is that guns need brought back into the classroom, not taken from it. Special ranges need to be set up and those who wish to attend such classes need to learn to respect the right to bear arms, not fear it.

Otherwise, no matter how agents hide a leftist agenda, it won’t help anyone.

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