PUBLISHED: 2:03 AM 17 Sep 2016

High School Cracking Down After Students Waved USA Flags At Game


Apparently We Can’t Wave Flags Anymore

High schools in the United States of America are now enforcing rules that forbid students from bringing flags to their athletic events. The OK-Conference in the state of Michigan has told all the schools that participate in this conference of the new rules that are now going to be enforced.

The reason that this is happening? Because there were some students who brought a pro-Donald Trump banner as well as an old-style American flag. So because they were brought political banners and an old American flag, things had to change?


These Students Brought These Flags To Their High School Football Game

OK Commissioner Jim Haskins relayed the message to schools on Wednesday. In addition to that, the Athletic Director President and the Executive Board also decided that the fans are no longer allowed to chant “USA, USA,” with the only exception being after the National Anthem is played.

You read that correctly. They have banned students from chanting “USA” in any instance other than after the National Anthem is played. That isn’t something that we should be proud of. You can’t even express your happiness in this country any longer without someone getting offended or getting in trouble.

Haskins has also banned flags from being brought to the games. He brings up a rule in the OK Conference Handbook: “Any signs, flags, banners, chants, cheers, or promotional material that carry questionable implications or are degrading are prohibited at any OK Conference venue.”

I have a question. How is the American flag “degrading” at all? How in the world does an “USA” chant, “carry questionable implications?” Once again liberal ideology is out to make sure that people can’t express their pride in the United States.

This Flag Represents The Greatest Country On This Planet!

Apparently The United States Flag Is “Degrading” And Is Now Banned In The OK Conference

They believe that the “USA” chant is being used whenever the opposing team makes a mistake, whether they miss a field goal, they fumble the ball, or anything similar to that. Haskins has claimed that they heard the phrase is intended to mean “U Suck A**.”

First of all, if that is really what it was meaning, then don’t you think that high school aged students would just say that instead of using “USA?” Second of all, they might have just been trying to shout their pride for their country. And now you have taken that right away.

Not to mention that someone who actively bans any American flag or from chanting pro American chants seems to have anti-American values. You know who else had anti-American values? Communists.

Think about it. Haskins has banned the “USA” chant except for after the National Anthem. If he were really proud of his country, he would allow the students to chant that whenever they felt like it. Instead he has banned it. Which means that he doesn’t seem to have any sense of American pride left in him.

So the liberals in charge have decided that the best course of action is to ban flags from the event. This includes the Betsy Ross flag. That particular flag was the first flag of the United States of America. It is meant to symbolize the strength of the country. But instead of portraying strength, the liberals seem to think that it is meant to symbolize white supremacy.


This Was The First Flag Of The United States Of America. It Has A Proud History And Is Now Banned From High School Football Games

That was true, but that was back when slavery was still legal. Last time I checked, slavery was still illegal in the United States. In fact it has been illegal since 1863. That was over 150 years ago!

But it seems that they are doing their best to ban the history of the United States. Are there things in history that are not the greatest? Absolutely, but the fact of the matter remains that you have to learn from it and make sure that you don’t repeat it.

Banning flags that have historical value means that you don’t want to learn from it. And if that is the case, then they are doomed to repeat it. Not to mention that they have banned chants that exhibit American pride. People have tried to ban the Confederate flag as well.

Confederate Flag

Let’s Not Forget That The Confederate Flag Was Banned As Well

Right now there are people that want to show their support for the nation and you just forbade them from doing that. As stated before, that seems pretty anti-American. No proud member of the United States would actively seek to ban anything that would be seen as pro American.

If that is the case, then it seems that Haskins is being pretty anti-American right now. Seriously he has tried to ban flags and the “USA” chants from all these high schools in the OK Conference. That is pretty anti-American if you ask me.

Haskins has also tried to influence the political aspect of the schools. He has advised schools to look at their policies regarding political materials on school property. This was all because a couple students brought a pro-Trump flag to a football game.


Pro Trump Signs Like This Are Now Forbidden As Well

I seriously wonder if he would have done the same if people were going to bring pro-Hillary Clinton material. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he wasn’t going to ban anything seen as pro-Clinton, but ban everything when it comes to Trump or pride in the nation.

Then again that seems to be the case with all liberals. They are set on banning everything that can be seen as prideful in the nation. First they ban the flags that became the first flag of the United States. Secondly they ban all “USA” chants from a conference in Michigan.

What is to say that they aren’t going to start banning these from across the country? This seems to be the liberal mindset at least.

Share this article to show that there are some liberals in the United States of America that are doing their best to ban any and every pro American thing out there. First they are banning American flags, then they ban the “USA” chant, what is next?

This is all happening and it’s real. We cannot let this happen. Things will change if we have Trump in office because he is a real American. He isn’t going to let these things happen anymore. If you want to save the country, then go vote for him.