McCabe, Comey Grand Juries?

PUBLISHED: 8:19 PM 26 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 8:46 PM 26 Apr 2018

High Level Officials Officials Set Stage For Grand Juries Against Comey, McCabe

FBI officials are flipping on McCabe and Comey, revealing their inner workings.

Comey and McCabe are on verge of facing grand juries.

Key brass at the bureau are turning on fired FBI Director James Comey and fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, according to True Pundit.

The report states that Department of Justice officials confirms top brass at the bureau have been testifying against their former bosses, which is reportedly paving the way for a grand jury to be impaneled to hear their cases.

The sources said the report from the DOJ’s inspector general in recent weeks reveals McCabe and Comey broke the law, and officials are closer than ever before to charging them.

True Pundit reports FBI Counterintelligence Head Bill Priestap is one of the biggest names cooperating with investigators, who are reportedly moving closer toward impaneling a grand jury to hear the cases on Comey and McCabe.

“Last guy I would have thought would cooperate is cooperating,” a senior DOJ official told True Pundit, referring to Priestap. “He knows about everything the IG is looking at because he was involved in it all.”

The officials reportedly said Priestap’s cooperation is devastating because he worked under McCabe, and the information he provides could put pressure on Comey to either implicate himself or throw McCabe under the bus.

Last week, the DOJ announced that Comey is currently under investigation for leaking memos to the media. Days after he was fired last year, Comey leaked memos that detailed his private conversations with President Donald Trump.

The DOJ’s internal watchdog found that two of the memos he leaked contained classified information, which is a felony.

Earlier this month, the watchdog also released a report stating that McCabe was fired from the FBI for lying at least four times to investigators about leaks to the media.

In October 2016, roughly a week before the presidential election, McCabe leaked information about the Hillary Clinton email investigation, which was given to The Wall Street Journal.

McCabe was trying to mislead voters into believing Clinton didn’t break any laws, and when he was questioned about it, he lied several times. He lied about telling a lie to the media, and he got busted for it.

The DOJ has also sent a criminal referral for McCabe to federal prosecutors, who are arguably closer than ever to charging him with lying.

And according to True Pundit’s sources at the DOJ, top FBI officials are now cooperating with investigators and helping them inch closer toward bringing McCabe and Comey before a grand jury for being corrupt and breaking the law.