Title X Review

PUBLISHED: 7:24 PM 4 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 7:32 PM 4 Jun 2018

HHS Offering Citizens Opportunity To Support Defunding Planned Parenthood

If the policy change is implemented, Planned Parenthood will lose $60 million in annual Title X funding.

The Department of Health and Human Services will consider the public's opinion on Title X funding Planned Parenthood.

In a democracy, it is frustrating to witness leading politicians implementing ridiculous legislation. For the pro-life movement, it is especially devastating considering that a tragic number of infants die in the womb every day and there is often limited action the average person can take in helping them fight to live.

However, in a historically optimistic opportunity to help the unborn, the Department of Health and Human Services has given the public two months to make a difference by voicing its opinion about Planned Parenthood using Title X funding as its ‘personal slush fund.’

Federal funding of abortion is thankfully still illegal. Yet in another sneaky attempt to profit from killing babies, Planned Parenthood receives approximately $60 million annually to fund its reproductive health services such as contraception and cancer and STD screening.

While such funding is not to be used for abortion services, it funds Planned Parenthood’s overall business which primarily offers abortion despite its claim that it focuses on the aforementioned services.

Taking action defend the right to life, President Donald Trump and his administration are working to amend Title X to mandate that recipients of its funds may not offer or promote abortion services.

The only way around a supposed ‘healthcare’ organization being able to still offer abortions and receive the funding is “to completely separate its abortion business from its taxpayer-funded services.”

Being the corrupt business that it is, Planned Parenthood would nor could ever separate its business in such a way, as it relies on fetal termination to remain profitable; Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer Dawn Laguens even confirmed this.

While this is unfortunate for the abortion chain, it is extremely hopeful for the pro-life movement, as it a way to finally defund Planned Parenthood and ultimately save countless lives.

However, the decision to implement the new abortion association rule is still up to the Department of Health and Human Services. Although, unlike others laws which the average civilian has little say in beside occasionally visiting a voting booth, the HHS will take the public’s voice into consideration.

On June 1, it opened a “60-day comment period” where the general public may anonymously express their opinions about Title X funding.

This is a fantastic opportunity for conservatives to make necessary points as to why they support the pro-life mission. Such views are often silenced either through censorship or obnoxious liberal arguments.

Until July 31, those with a desire to fight for vital Planned Parenthood defunding can do so by submitting a comment to the following link:


Once the website is accessed, a green ‘Submit A Formal Comment’ button can be seen on the upper-right corner of the screen. The register advises that any comments may be made public and users may withhold information if they desire to remain anonymous.

Concerned citizens may also do so by mail and address such to the following:

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health Office of Population Affairs
Attention: Family Planning
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Hubert H. Humphrey Building, Room 716G
200 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, D.C. 20201

It is crucial for all who take part to encourage others to do so, as the “HHS will review the comments and issue a final rule based on the public’s feedback,” according to Concerned Women for America President Penny Nance.

Yet even more importantly, liberals will also surely be voicing their opinions in advocating for abortion and women’s supposed ‘rights’ and ‘health.’

Those who support Title X funding Planned Parenthood advocate for it on the grounds that it offers necessary contraception and life-saving testing and treatment services, especially for low-income and minority patients.

However, Planned Parenthood focuses mostly on abortion meaning that it is directly killing those who it serves, essentially being infanticide on minorities.

It also spreads lies about the effects of abortion on women and families. The public commentary finally gives those who have been affected by abortion on some level to vocalize their experience without having ‘My Uterus, My Rules’ signs shoved their faces.

If passed, the proposed rule would defund Planned Parenthood and prevent medical professionals from being abortion advocates. However, the final component would also require that any organization who accepts Title X would be required to report child abuse, such as rape.

While this is should occur even without a law, it is yet another requirement that would make Planned Parenthood ineligible to receive the funding. The organization has horrifically been known to perform abortions on underage rape victims without parental consent or notifying appropriate authorities.

With liberals and feminists taking the utmost extreme measures to fight for the right to abort babies, it is more fortunate than ever to have the Trump administration as a pro-life ally.

However, given recent public consideration, conservative advocates now have an opportunity and an obligation to help win this fight.