PUBLISHED: 5:12 PM 23 Feb 2021

Herschel Walker Destroys Narrative, Argues Black Americans Shouldn’t Get Reparations

Former NFL great, Herschel Walker, stated during a virtual congressional gearing that Black Americans should not receive reparations for slavery. Walker questioned the feasibility of reparations and dismissed the idea itself as divisive, which many Americans agree with considering that slavery does not involve anyone today, except current child slavery and human trafficking criminals. “We use Black power to create white guilt,” he said early in his opening statement. “My approach is biblical. How can I ask my Heavenly Father to forgive me if I can’t forgive my brother? Reparations teach separation. Slavery ended over 150 years ago. How can a father ask his son to spend prison time for a crime he committed?” After calling America “the greatest country in the world” and “a melting pot of a lot of great races,” Walker explained the practicality of reparation payments. “Reparations, where does the money come from?” he asked the House Judiciary Committee subcommittee. “Does it come from all the other races except the Black taxpayers? Who is Black? What percentage of Black must you be to receive reparations? Do you go to 23andMe or a DNA test to determine the percentage of Blackness?”   “Some Black immigrants weren’t here during slavery, nor their ancestors. Some states didn’t even have slavery.” Concluding his opening statement, he said: “I feel it continues to let us know we’re still African American, rather than just American. Reparation or atonement is outside the teaching of Jesus Christ.” Powerful truths that will likely be ignored and attacked by the left.

Of course, his words of logic and wisdom will likely be disregarded by the race-war mongers on the committee.