Teacher Tackles Shooter

PUBLISHED: 5:06 PM 25 May 2018
UPDATED: 8:26 PM 25 May 2018

Hero Teacher Tackles Student Gunman After He Opened Fire At School, Thwarting Attack

At least two people are injured, but no deaths have been reported.

A heroic teacher tackled a student after he opened fire at the school.

A heroic science teacher tackled and took down a student after he opened fire on students at the Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana, this morning, according to The Daily Mail.

On Friday, an unnamed student opened fire in a gun-free zone. The idiocy on gun-free zones is a major issue, but this science teacher risked his own life to save many students from a potential mass shooting. His actions reduced the injuries and prevented deaths, something that probably has leftists angry.

The gun control narrative needs its victims to push for new laws. Barack Obama’s administration communicated about how to ‘tag emotions’ after Sandy Hook.

One 13-year-old student and one teacher are reportedly in critical condition, but no deaths have been reported.

It’s unclear if the injured teacher is the same one who tackled the gunman and swatted his gun away.

Police arrested the shooter shortly after the teacher tackled him, took the gun away, and held him down until police arrived.

During a press briefing, police said they have the suspect in custody and that they did not believe any other suspects were involved.

A student, who asked to remain anonymous, said the science teacher bravely took the gun away from the gunman and saved everyone’s lives in the classroom.

“This science teacher bravely swatted the gun away from the gunman’s hands, saving everyone else in that room,” a seventh grade witness said.

Thankfully, democrats will not be able to use this tragedy to push for the disarming of American citizens.

In fact, it’s hard not to blame liberals for the recent school shootings, given the gun free zones that serve as beacons to deranged leftists and people who worship evil.

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