Vaccine Danger Explained

PUBLISHED: 3:44 PM 9 Aug 2021

Here’s What The Vaccine “Spike Protein” Does To Your Body… It’s Very, Very Bad

Understand this: the COVID vaccine is deadly.

Why is this information being hidden from the people? (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Dr. Ryan Cole has created a video that every single person in the world should see.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Before getting to the sketchy part; first, let’s talk….

There has been a great deal of discussion about the vitriolic, almost rabid disposition of people who are pushing the vaccination.

This should not be a surprise, although it might be disconcerting to find formerly reasonable people in your network, perhaps even in your family, now become seemingly unhinged if the subject arises.

It is demonstrably true, there has been a cleaving of our American population as the debate about the COVID vaccination rages on.  However, it is wise to consider the underlying psychology of a person who has been vaccinated, before engaging in an argument.  You may end up being entirely correct in your position; however, an intense or combative argument? At what cost?

A vaccinated person is, as a consequence of their decision, in an irreversible frame of mind.  Once the vaccination has been injected into a persons body, there is no turning back; the Rubicon has been crossed, the event horizon closes, there is no retreat.  Any conversation or debate about vaccine efficacy or long-term consequences with a person who has accepted the vaccine must be weighed accordingly.

Genuine empathetic listening is needed on both sides.

The no-retreat baseline can, often does, form the origin of anger and vitriol, particularly in unstable leftists -who are, by nature of their ideology- professional blame-casters and prone to emotional responses as a matter of disposition.  Therefore, it is better to avoid the topic entirely (if possible) and retain your peace of mind.

♦ Revelations over the past few years have led to the complete collapse of credibility for many institutions.  The healthcare field is the latest example of a politically controlled ideological industry that can no longer be trusted to make decisions based on a detachment from their political interests.

The healthcare industry has joined the education system, the justice system (DOJ), law enforcement (FBI), the intelligence system, arts and entertainment, as well as many organizations now controlled through the prism of politics.  Political ideology, as the determining factor of institutional behavior, has infected almost every facet of modern life; healthcare is no exception.

Given the nature of the metastatic corruption, very visible in multiple institutions, it is completely understandable that more people would not trust the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulatory body or agency now vested in the COVID vaccine.

Factually, as previously stated, the FDA final approval of the vaccines is a moot point.  The FDA, just like a vaccinated person, is in a no retreat position.  There is no way the U.S. FDA cannot approve the vaccines that have been sold, forced and pushed upon the entire global population.  Can you even begin to imagine the ramifications of the FDA saying the vaccine was (a) unsafe; or (b) ineffective?    Think about it.  FDA approval is a foregone conclusion, regardless of safety or efficacy.

There is every reason not to trust the healthcare industry on the issue of vaccination(s).  Indeed, their obtuse behavior, logical disconnect, false assertions and gross hypocrisy is more than enough to create doubt about the vaccine.  Then overlay the lack of consequence for all known institutional corruption, and there’s even more reason to doubt them.

♦ Two key issues stick in my mind about the COVID vaccines that make me pretty firm in opposition:

(1) The fact that vaccine makers would abandon the clinical trial control group is a big red flag.  The fact that vaccine makers could not abandon the clinical trial control group without authorization from the FDA, CDC and NIH is an even bigger red flag.  {Go Deep}

The clinical trial was assembled to produce only one result.  THAT is not science.  THAT is sketchy and points to an ulterior motive.  That is not science, that’s political science.

(2) The fact that data shows the vaccine provides no benefit is another big red flag.  Specifically, the equal hospitalization rate of vaxxed and non-vaxxed patients.   Almost every study I can find with data on COVID hospitalized cases that includes the vaccination status (not many), shows an equal percentage of vaccinated/hospitalized people to the vaccinated population in general. {Go Deep}

[ex. If 75% of the regional population is vaccinated, then 75% of the hospitalized COVID patients are vaccinated.]  This statistic demonstrates the vaccine doesn’t stop serious illness.

Put both of those issues together, and overlay the demonstrably collapsed institutional credibility, and I am not comfortable with this specific vaccine.

I am not anti-VAX, I am not comfortable with THIS specific vaccination.  And, again, once administered there is no retreat.

We should all cherish, respect and value the differences of opinion of this very personal issue.  Healthcare is a personal and private matter.  Other people have different factors, risk-factors and hundreds of considerations that guide or have guided their decision. We should all respect that; and we do not want to see ‘vaccination status‘ become a fragmentation problem for our CTH community.  We are all in the same foxhole.

♦ALL OF THAT said, Dr. Ryan Cole is a Mayo-trained physician who has seen over 350,000 patients in his career. He also serves as the CEO of Cole Diagnostics, which has processed over 100,000 Coronavirus tests.  Dr. Cole gave an alarming presentation that merits consideration:

In response to criticism for his position, Dr. Cole wrote:

“I am concerned about the lack of long term safety data, because this vaccine is simply too new. We have never tried an mRNA vaccine in humans before. I am concerned about the implications of injection of foreign, synthetic mRNA and the antibody reaction which cannot be reversed. It concerns me that large numbers of individuals are being essentially enrolled in a long term phase III clinical trial for the vaccine without being fully informed of this, with no ability for recompense if injured or in case of death. I am concerned by the number of adverse event and deaths that have been reported in correlation with this vaccine administration.”  (link)