Loudon Co. Arrests

PUBLISHED: 7:30 PM 24 Jun 2021

Here’s Proof Biden Administration Is Fascist Tyranny: Loudon County Parents Arrested

Do you need proof that the Biden regime is planning complete and utter fascist control… here it is. It's happening right now.

The culture war has been raging for years, but now it's actually getting physical. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, speaking out against Marxist indoctrination is one of the ‘insurrections’ the Biden regime is determined to stop.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Parents and residents of Loudon County, Virginia, confronted the administration of the School Board today and things quickly escalated. As parents spoke out against Critical Race Theory the board voted to stop public comment.  After the board shut down public comments the Board Superintendent then declared the meeting was an unlawful assembly and had the Sheriff’s department begin making arrests.

Part of the meeting is below including the comments from Richard Black a former state senator.

The conservative parents and residents refused to be silenced, so the Superintendent called the meeting an ‘unlawful assembly’, the next video shows confrontation between parents and the Sheriff’s department.   The police were put in a bad spot by the School Board decision.