PUBLISHED: 2:49 PM 11 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 9:35 PM 11 Oct 2017

Hawaii Students Sent Disturbing Email As North Korea Threatens Nuclear Action

These students got quite a warning.

These students got quite a warning.

These students got quite a warning.

North Korea is a nation that has suffered greatly under their leaders. They have only had three, all from the same family. Ever since founder Kim Il-sung, the “Eternal Leader” (who officially leads the country even in death) was supported by China in the Korean War, things have only gotten worse. Under current ruler Kim Jong-un, things have gone so badly that time has seemed to rewind.

At least that is how the University of Hawaii sees it as they as those attending got a disturbing email with a subject line warning of what to do in case of a nuclear attack as if it was the Cold War era, Blasting News reports. It even featured the words “in the event of a nuclear attack,” so the school was not being ambiguous or trying to soften the blow, either.

The email says that authorities consider a nuclear strike an “unlikely event,” and while that is good news, it is the only silver lining to be found within this ever-darkening cloud. Students and others were told that this was directly the result of actions, test firings, and threats from North Korea.

If the sky did start to fall and the crazed nation does attack, everyone was instructed to “shelter in place.”

The email does wisely call the event a “radiation emergency,” showing that science is, at last, admitting that the fallout is often much worse than the blast, depending on where it detonates at. This warning mirrors the one given last summer to those attending college in Hawaii as the Hermit Kingdom defied international law and began again testing WMD.

The question still remains, “Would Kim Jong-un really be so foolish as to attack anyone with a nuclear weapon?” The answer is, “it depends.”

We have to remember that this young leader has surrounded himself with nothing but “yes-men.” To dare to say anything but “yes” is enough to get one shot with weapons found on warships, which happens there.

That means that the hateful despot is hearing only what he wants to hear and killing those who do not agree. When Hitler did this, he talked himself into invading Russia against the advice of his generals and he lost WW2 over it, thankfully.

The media exploded when news of what Hawaii is planning for became wel know.

The media exploded when news of what Hawaii is planning for became well known.

This is the nuclear age, however, so such errors in judgment are much darker than they ever were then.

That, along with many other things, is something that Kim Jong-un may just not be hearing.

Source: Blasting News