PUBLISHED: 4:06 PM 28 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 4:52 PM 28 Nov 2017

Hawaii Forced To Return To Cold-War Warning Signal As North Korea Tensions Escalate

Hawaiian officials are bringing back the warning sirens common during the Cold War.

Hawaiian officials are bringing back the warning sirens common during the Cold War.

On October 11th, 2017, the world learned that Hawaii was certainly not taking any chances when it came to prepping for a possible nuclear missile strike from North Korea. The days of the Cold War seemed alive and well in our modern age as even bomb drills are held all over the world and people cower beneath desks.

Things are only looking more cryptic in Asia and Hawaii is still preparing as such. KTIC News has confirmed that the America’s island state is “reinstating a statewide nuclear attack warning signal.” It should be fully operational in December as locals watch the skies to see if the D.P.R.K. has decided to try and rain death down upon them.

When the siren is heard, those on the island are told to “Get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned.” Besides the expected television and radio alerts, a modern twist has been added. Now, people will also get alerts on their cell phones, as well.

It is rare that our leaders are honest with us when matters of grave concern could cause panic, but thankfully, Hawaii’s officials seem to be more worried about safety than fear. “When [HI-EMA] started this campaign there were concerns we would scare the public. What we are putting out is information based on the best science that we have on what would happen if that weapon hit Honolulu or the assumed targets,” said HI-EMA Administrator Vern Miyagi.

It is known that there is only a small fifteen-minute window between the time that North Korea would launch a weapon and the time that it would detonate over Hawaii.

There will be no time to call our loved ones, pick up our kids, and find a designated shelter. We should all prepare and exercise a plan ahead of time so we can take some comfort in knowing what our loved ones are doing,” said Miyagi. At least this way, everyone will know what to do in order to have the best chances of survival. Children, in theory, will not need parents to tell them what to do if they are already taught beforehand, for instance.

Vern Miyagi (pictured) is one of the most vocal of those preparing as the teaches others how to survive.

Many people rely on missile defense systems, but as we know, these are only accurate to a certain degree. The U.S. does not tend to flaunt this data, but the statistics are available and they tell us that “dummy rockets” will play the decoy well enough to stimy American efforts to take out all of them.

Missing just one may mean missing the real nuclear weapon.

Therefore, it is good to see that Hawaii is one American state that is taking the threat as real and preparing as best they can. People are stocking up on the “blue pill,” potassium iodide, and bentonite clay, too.

As Kim Jong-un sits with his pudgy finger on the big red button, that is all that they can do.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostKTIC News Radio