Paradise Drowning In Cesspool Filth

PUBLISHED: 10:04 PM 12 Feb 2018

Hawaii Drowning In Filth, Cesspools Blamed For Skin Infections, Pollution, Contaminated Drinking Water

This will cost billions to fix.

Beneath these inviting waters is a filth that is anything but true blue ocean water.

Many people were quite jolted to learn that the White House has mice, rats, and cockroaches. Isn’t America able to care for our very best structures better than that? Perhaps not. It seems that we can not even keep one of our most beautiful states clean enough not to resemble a third world country, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Hawaii is facing an embarrassing problem with its sewage which could cost around US$1.75 billion to fix,” News (dot com) reports. Those enjoying surfing and other water activities such as snorkeling have developed skin infections just from taking part in the activities. Likewise, “the state’s drinking water, its coral reefs and famous beaches are all under threat because of a cesspool crisis.”

When President Donald Trump talked about the sorry state of our nation’s infrastructure and even a diminishing of our standards in such areas as this, he was not kidding. Hopefully, some of those who have scoffed in the past are taking notice now that the woes are hitting our former President, Obama’s, alleged homeland.

We are told that “untreated human waste” is coming up from holes in the ground. Swimming in such filth is certainly not what most vacationers dream of when they spend the money to fly out to Hawaii, so this unsanitary problem is making a huge dent in tourism, too.

Even more disgusting, the sewage is found in the drinking water! It is said that “nitrite levels” have been pushed to the max.

Hawaii’s state health department has confessed that “88,000 cesspools across its eight major islands, more than any other state in the US.”

Proving that money is worth more than a sanitary state, the heavenly looking island’s leaders are worrying that “replacing each cesspool could reach around US$1.75 billion.” While that is a very large sum of money, is there any price not worth it when such a problem as drinking human waste needs to be repaired? This has made many people wonder just where the priorities of the state leaders are.

We are told that cesspools “deposit 53 million gallons of raw sewage” into the ground each day. “Cesspools also present a risk of illness to island residents and a significant harm to streams and coastal resources, including coral reefs,” said the health department.

Cesspool effluent (liquid waste) poses significant threats to human health and sensitive ecosystems. Cesspool wastewater is untreated and contains pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that may spread disease,” they added. “Additionally, cesspool effluent contains nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorous, that can disrupt the sensitive ecosystems of Hawaii.”

The state, while unarguably gorgeous, seems to have a problem with preparation. For instance, they have lived near nuclear madmen in North Korea for quite some time, yet they are only now getting their ducks in a row when it comes to warning systems. What kind of dreadful state management is this?

Now we see that they have not spent the money to keep up with these cesspools and the problem has grown out of control.

Replacement of each existing cesspool with an improved treatment method could cost $20,000 or more per system, for a total cost around $1.75 billion for the 87,900 currently inventoried cesspools,” reads a report about the problem.

Additionally, cesspools introduce excess nitrogen into the environment,” the health department also added. “Elevated nitrate levels in drinking water is a known human health risk in drinking water.”

This is worrisome because the government has a history of taking toxic levels of just about anything (as was the case with Fukushima) and claiming that they are safe after the real safety numbers have been surpassed. In other words, they don’t’ repair the problem, leaders just let the people poison themselves for good of the bottom line.

For officials to haggle about money when the people are drinking human void is enough to sicken anyone. This is supposed to be the United States of America, not a third world hellhole. Mr. Trump was right about the problems that he spoke about while on the campaign trail.

Now, we just need state leaders who will listen and actually do something other than sweating greenbacks.

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