PUBLISHED: 5:37 PM 28 Dec 2017

“Hate Tracker” Monitors Twitter, New ‘Extremist’ Words Collected As FOUNDING Culture Attacked

Bennet Grau, current vice chairman of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has a background in children's rights issues. He has little knowledge of crime, criminality, or what makes a 'hate' organization, and under his leadership the SPLC has turned into a political tool, rather than a criminological one.

Bennet Grau, current vice chairman of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has a background in children’s rights issues. He has little knowledge of crime, criminality, or what makes a ‘hate’ organization, and under his leadership the SPLC has turned into a political tool, rather than a criminological one.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a long reputation for being one of the United States’ foremost experts in tracking ‘hate’ groups and other ‘extremist’ organizations.  When it was first founded in 1971, it focused on civil rights, racial discrimination, fighting poverty, and fighting against the death penalty in the United States.  It did good work up until 1986, when the group took on a political bent so extreme that it caused the entirety of its legal staff (except for the founder of the SPLC) to resign. Now the SPLC tracks ‘hateful’ words on the internet, such as ‘Christmas,’ ‘Jesus,’ and ‘Religion.’

The Southern Poverty Law Center now essentially serves as an organization that calls anything to the right of Karl Marx ‘extreme,’ while ignoring left-leaning hate groups (BLM, Antifa, and the like). So it’s not surprising that this Christmas, the Southern Poverty Law Center would utilize a ‘hate tracker’ that defines words likely to be used by Christians and include it in their monitoring of ‘extremists’.  Nor it is a surprise that the SPLC would attack the ideology that founded the United States and its legal system, all the while ignoring actual hate crimes perpetrated by Islamic groups.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of ‘hate groups’ includes many religious groups that are deemed ‘hateful’ because they are not completely accepting of homosexuality or gay marriage.  Perhaps it is a simple oversight that mainstream Islamic groups, which are almost all unwilling to accept homosexuality, do not also appear on the list of hate groups.

Originally, the Southern Poverty Law Center tracked the actions of the Ku Klux Klan and worked to thwart them whenever possible. However, in 1986, the SPLC decided that they would redefine their scope, and began going after any group more right-leaning than the Democrat party.

It has long seemed like the Southern Poverty Law Center has a heavy anti-right, anti-libertarian, and anti-Christian bias.  In recent weeks, the SPLC’s ‘Hate Tracker’ website has been dominated by topics concerning Christmas (because apparently, all Christians are a hate group to the SPLC).  Shortly before that, the list of trending ‘hate topics’ included such hateful terms as ‘#armynavygame,’ a reference to the longtime football rivalry between the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

The Southern Poverty Law Center continues to present itself as a non-partisan group of ‘experts’ on hate crimes and extremist groups, but more and more it seems that their expertise is not just questionable, but a complete fabrication.  It doesn’t help when they knowingly and willingly step into the political world to push a planned narrative.

That is precisely what they did in the days after President Donald Trump trumped Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, hoping to capitalize on liberal fears and general derangement over the loss, as well as the liberal narrative that the administration of President Donald Trump would be apocalyptic, ran stories consistently concerning ‘hate crimes’ committed by ‘Trump supporters.’

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the United States is a hateful country, with 892 hate groups, most of which are branches of the KKK.  The SPLC has been regularly criticized for greatly exaggerating the number of hate groups and their members, and the FBI suggests that the actual size of all KKK-related groups in the United States is likely half of what the SPLC claims it to be.

The problem with this story is that NONE of the ‘hate crimes’ that the Southern Poverty Law Center claimed to be related to the election of President Donald Trump were confirmed when the articles ran.  In fact, most of the ‘hate crimes’ eventually turned out to be hoaxes, and in the end only four of them were confirmed to be ‘hate crimes’ of any sort, none of which were directly related to the Presidential election.

The Southern Poverty Law Center does itself a disservice when it blatantly engages in such partisan hackery.  It is likely that this is the reason that their entire legal team left in 1986, when the SPLC made it known to employees that they were going to expand their scope to include those political organizations that they do not agree with.

It’s nice to see that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers ‘anti-government movements’ (like the Libertarian Party, and any who feel at home under the Gadsden Flag) to be the ideological equivalent of Neo-Nazis, racist Skinheads, and Black Separatist organizations.  It’s good to see that they feel that a church which doesn’t espouse widespread acceptance for homosexuality is, to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the equivalent of a local Ku Klux Klan organization.

The SPLC’s definition of ‘hate groups’ is a continuously-expanding one. It includes groups like the alt-right (because Pepe memes are a tool of hatred), the fictional ‘Phineas Priesthood’ (a group that are alleged to target interfaith or interracial couples due to the story of Phineas in the Bible), Anti-government movements (the Tea Party, Constitution parties, and Libertarian organizations), and Sovereign Citizens movements. Surely, these people are on par with the KKK. Surely.

Perusing the Southern Poverty Law Center website today, December 28, 2017, shows that their ‘featured hate group’ is not a group of Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, or racist Skinheads, but rather the Family Research Council.  The Family Research Council is a group centered around lobbying for common conservative Christian principles, which means they’re against LGBTQ+ marriage and adoption, abortion, divorce, stem-cell research, and pornography.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the SPLC targeted the Family Research Council. In fact, their consistent disdain for the organization, which dares to espouse common Christian views, resulted in an employee being shot in 2012, when Floyd Lee Corkins II entered the Family Research Council’s D.C. headquarters.  Corkins shot one employee and had planned to shoot more, but his spree was cut short by Family Research Council Employees.

Corkins would later go on to say that he drew inspiration for his choice of targets from the SPLC list of ‘anti-gay’ groups when questioned by law enforcement.

The Southern Poverty Law Center spent its first 15 years of operation doing good work in thwarting the Klan.  It’s a shame to see that it’s spent the 26 years after that being an organization pushing politics in the guise of civil rights, taking aim at Christians and Republicans in particular.