Fed Up: City Protests “Hijab Hoaxes”

PUBLISHED: 4:16 PM 30 Jan 2018

Hate Crime Or Hoax? City Protests After Muslim Lies

Montreal is fed up with being called bigots.

The people of Canada are taking to the streets to protest against Islamic lies being used to justify policies!

Hate crime hoaxes are potentially more dangerous than hate crimes themselves. While the nature and definition of a potential hate crime are truly disgusting, faking them only dishonors the credibility of the real ones.

This might seem ridiculous to think that someone fakes a hate crime but it happens entirely too often. Now after it has been revealed that another hate crime hoax has taken place at the expense of Canadians, protests are taking place in Montreal to bring awareness to this growing issue.

The story is becoming all too familiar with members of Western nations. Some anonymous Nazi-like bigots are so intolerant and hateful that they pick small Muslim girls to pick on and abuse.  This the story of ripping hijabs off and attacking them is born.

This time it supposedly took place in Canada and the news outlets were covering it relentlessly. Prime Minister Trudeau even went so far as to condemn the hate crime, extremely quickly, and offer his personal condolences, even though the hate crime did not happen.

His stance to apologize first only solidifies the fact that he was not interested in the truth, only the potential narrative. Tensions are rising across the West as populations are beginning to realize that their globalist leaders have been selling them lies regarding refugees.

The sudden explosion of media coverage about this is what is so alarming. The news coverage was immediately ready to believe the testimonies of children in order to establish that there are radical right-wingers. The simple truth is that these people lied to establish themselves as victims and establish a narrative in order to advance Islam.

This is not the first time to find out that Muslims are faking hate crimes to victimize themselves in order to establish themselves as religiously persecuted. Muslims actually carry out real hate crimes based on preconceived notions of religious supremacism when they carry out jihadist attacks yet the media was more than ready to believe that a no-name radical bigot carried out an actual hate crime.

It seriously becomes concerning when the accusations of hate crimes are thrown around and spread by the media in order to establish a narrative. If people truly believed that men were going around and attacking Muslim children based on their religion then that would be extremely alarming to many people, however, the opposite appears to be the reality.

Hate crimes like this are used to establish narratives that help progressives and con artists like Justin Trudeau carry out globalist agenda policies. A little girl lying about a hate crime and shoving a camera in her face to make everyone watching feel bad could turn into banning criticism of Islam when the hate crime was hoaxed, to begin with.

This is a true problem as this is a form of jihad against non-Muslims. Muslims are allowed to lie about anything to infidels in order to advance Islam and sharia and yet those who point this out are called bigots and investigated.  This little girl’s actions were considered holy because the narrative that could have been established was important towards silencing dissent against Islam.

This protest that took place in Montreal was a symbol for Canadians to voice that they were tired of these hoaxes. Time and time again they are made to feel guilty over crimes that never happened rather than addressing the issues that are actually plaguing the nations.

Canada’s government is complicit in advancing Islam and sharia as their citations of hate crimes like the one that was faked are being used to change the laws. Canadians are now facing the possibility of becoming silenced concerning Islam as Islamophobic comments are going to be outlawed.

It is troubling, to say the least, to think that the media is more interested in establishing lies as truth in order to allow for political manipulation to take place.  However, it seems like these protests are a sign that Canadians are not going to be silenced.

These are a proud people from a proud nation with their own culture and history so guilt-tripping them into passing laws that remove their rights is not going to go unnoticed. Many must now stay active in their governments to ensure that hoaxes like this are not used to pass political policies.

It is simply producing propaganda to stir public outrage into enacting laws previously thought unnecessary.