Guns Protect Everyone

PUBLISHED: 10:29 PM 20 Jul 2018

Guns Equal Civilization: The Second Amendment Impedes Savage Existence

The reason for the rising violence is because criminals have no fear of retaliation.

London and places like New York are no longer civilizations, they are prey to savage violence.

Recently, it seems like the news is filled with reports of people being attacked in broad daylight. In Manhattan and London, honest citizens live with the threat of a knifing, beating, or other savagery, which has become the norm in liberal controlled cities.

It got me thinking. Why has this increase of violence been so steady in ‘Democrat Land?’

One reason came to me the other evening, while discussing the recent ‘hit’ filmed in the Bronx. The reason for this decline in civilization has a direct correlation with the Second Amendment. I’m not talking about the ability to stop tyrannical government, although that is a key element. The issue I mean is at the heart of peaceful habitation.

In fact, it speaks to the fundamental execution of individual freedom. Without armed ‘good guys,’ the bad guys roam around looking for whoever they can devour, without fear.

Consider the attack that was recently reported. Two men, and it seemed rather obvious that they were hired thugs, get out of an SUV armed with bats after pinpointing their quarry, and proceed to commit a heinous act of violence on a city sidewalk. They bashed in the man’s head and left.

Although hit men retaliating against people who haven’t paid their gambling or drug debts is not new, my point is that these men had absolutely no fear of any sort of public or individual response. They brazenly wielded bats, knowing that the public was disarmed and their target was easy prey.

Why was he easy prey?

The answer is simple. These hired thugs know, as does everyone, that most law-abiding New Yorkers are not armed. It’s the same in London.

Vicious, violent attacks are the norm now in England’s capitol, rather than the exception. When the right to defend yourself is denied, criminals are emboldened.

Breitbart reported recently that ‘High Harm’ crime is up at a staggering rate in England and Wales. Numbers “published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), show offences involving knives or sharp instruments rising by 16 percent to 40,147 – the fourth consecutive increase in knife attacks revealed by the ONS.”

“The figures are police-recorded crimes for the year to March, and also show homicides rose 12 percent by 74 to 701 in the period, even with exceptional incidents with multiple victims such as the terror attacks in London and Manchester not included.”

In fact, law enforcement “recorded 31 percent more rapes, up to 53,977, and 21 percent more other sexual offences, rising to 96,755.”

Moreover, rapes are three times higher in London, over New York. And, “Gun crime also rose, but at a less dramatic rate than knife crime, with a two percent increase to 6,492 offences while the number of robberies soared by 30 percent to 77,103 in the 12-month period.”

Wait… aren’t there supposed to be no guns in England?

This is what happens when unarmed, civilized people are forced to co-exist with savage criminals.

Leftists and progressives can bemoan the ‘white culture’ of colonization all they want, but the fact of the matter is, the United States constitution produced conditions where people could live without fear and create a civilized existence.

However, that existence is being destroyed by liberal ideology.

Now, people in England and some US cities can’t walk down the street without being subject to the Knock Out game, or a stabbing, or a rape.

The ability to protect yourself from danger is the foundation of individual liberty. It actually enables all the other ‘rights’ liberals are so quick to defend.

By establishing societies where people cannot arm themselves from unexpected danger, liberals are destroying civilization and ushering—even welcoming—in a jungle mentality.

Criminals have no fear of reprisal. They take what they want without hesitation, and they know they can do it because their victims are unarmed. This is why the Second Amendment, as it relates to personal defense is so crucial.

The ability to bear arms keeps criminal activity at bay. If it were possible for liberals to have an intelligent exchange of ideas, perhaps they might consider the solid facts about gun ownership in relation to crime, rather than cross-sectional data.

Then, we could honestly recognize the dire need for concealed carry in all states, and stop the spread of violence occurring.