North Carolina History

PUBLISHED: 6:53 PM 5 Nov 2020

Gun-Toting Patriot Becomes First Black Lt Governor in North Carolina History

But, North Carolina is refusing to release the counts for the presidential race… and somehow people are supposed to believe that the republican ‘down the line’ win doesn’t translate to the presidency?

God bless him! (Source: Chuck Thomas YouTube Screenshot)

Mark Robinson is a gun-toting patriot, and he has just made history in North Carolina, becoming the first black Lt. Governor in the state.

Fox News ‘reported’:

Robinson defeated Democrat Yvonne Lewis Holley, who also could have made history as North Carolina’s first Black lieutenant governor. Robinson had a lead of more than three percentage points with roughly 75% of ballots counted Wednesday morning, according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.

However, Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, will maintain his seat after facing a challenge from North Carolina’s current Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, a Republican. Robinson’s win means that North Carolina’s governor and lieutenant governor will once again represent different parties. 

Robinson ran as a political outsider. He attracted viral attention in 2016 when he delivered an impassioned speech to the city council of Greensboro, N.C., about gun rights.

“Our message is so much more than the Second Amendment, which is a crucial issue,” Robinson told “Fox & Friends First” after winning his primary in March. “It’s a message that touches on all the topics conservative North Carolinians are concerned with today.”

Mike Bloomberg’s climate change group dumped $2.5 million into the lieutenant governor race during its final stretch to support Holley.

But, when you want to see WHY he won, watch this epic speech!