PUBLISHED: 10:04 PM 12 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:57 PM 12 Dec 2017

Guilty P.I. Admits “Genius Idea” As Multiple Tries With Trump’s Social Security Number Reveals Plot

This private investigator expects the court to buy the weakest story ever produced.

This private investigator expects the court to buy the weakest story ever produced as he awaits sentencing.

Everyone reading this has surely made little moral lapses at some point during their working career. Maybe one is a telemarketer who pushed through the most questionable of sales in order to eat that day. Perhaps one is a cabbie who took the long way in order to pay for the unit that he or she was driving. While such acts are far from morally acceptable, nothing that most people have done can compare to what one private investigator was caught doing on the job!

Jordan Hamlett, 32,” pleaded guilty on Monday to misusing Donald Trump’s Social Security number in repeated attempts to access the president’s federal tax information” prior to his victory over Hillary Clinton, according to Town Hall. He faces five long years in prison for his crimes as well as “a $250,000 fine following his guilty plea in federal court.” This genius idea may be the worst error in judgment in Hamlett’s history.

All of this is quite humorous to watch in that Trump has long said that he would release his tax records as soon as the audit of them was complete. NO ONE can release tax records while an audit it happening since, by its very nature, an audit is saying that the numbers are in question. HOW CAN TRUMP RELEASE NUMBERS THAT ARE IN QUESTION?

Fiser (pictured) claims that his client was just “curious.”

Secondly, Wikileaks founder Jullian Assange has already said that he would hold Trump’s feet to the fire if the U.S. leader changed his mind following the end of the audit, so what Hamlett was doing was next to useless.

The conniving P.I. used a “U.S. Department of Education financial aid” website to try and gain access to the forbidden data.

Hamlett has admitted to the fact that he used the president’s “Social Security number and other personal information” to establish “an online application for federal student aid on Sept. 13, 2016.” From there, he obtained a username and password combination and with them, he attempted to “use an Internal Revenue Service data retrieval tool to obtain Trump’s tax information,” documents prove.

In order for all of this to be found by those charging Hamlett, he must have been no better covering his illegal deeds online that Mrs. Clinton was. North Korea does a better job, it appears.

The defendant made six separate attempts to obtain the federal tax information from IRS servers, but he was unsuccessful,” court documents proclaim.

Defense attorney Michael Fiser claims that Hamlett had no “intent to deceive” and that he looked tried to break the law “out of sheer curiosity” to see if such information could be obtained. Of all of the obvious yarns for someone who is a private investigator to cook up, this has to the weakest one imaginable. We are somehow to believe that he intended to sit on the biggest hack that one can think of at the time and do nothing afterward.

Now that Hamlett has admitted his guilt, he “still has a long road ahead” as he awaits his sentence, Fiser also confirms. “We felt like, under the circumstances, it was time to accept full responsibility and move forward to get closure,” the lawyer declared. If that were so, however, where did the crafy story about his client not using the data for anything but private interest come from?

When he was arrested, authorities did not even know if Hamlett had already obtained the information which could have swayed the election. Thankfully, he had not, since again….the actual returns are not done yet and under audit.

Somehow, such simple bits of logic is lost on the anti-Trump crowd.

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