PUBLISHED: 8:48 PM 17 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 9:47 PM 17 Oct 2016

Guerilla Journalist Just INFILTRATED DNC, Her Campaign DIRECTLY Hired ARMY Of Terrorists


Not all heroes wear capes.

And not all true journalists get to rub elbows with the mainstream media celebrity class. In the past couple years, we’ve seen the rise of heroic independent, alternative, “guerilla journalists” like Mike Cernovich (exposed GOP sabotage of Trump), Charles C. Johnson (founded Wesearchr and has exposed numerous scandals), Pax Dickinson (works with Charles C. Johnson), David Daleiden (exposed Planned Parenthood), Lila Rose (exposed abortion clinic corruption), and many others.

Like I say, not all heroes wear capes.

That’s very true of another “guerilla journalist” named James O’Keefe. Founder of Project Veritas, an independent investigative journalism organization, O’Keefe is most famous for bringing down ACORN in 2011 damning video footage he had obtained in sting interviews. Taking down ACORN may have been O’Keefe’s claim to fame, but now he’s upped the ante with a whole new series of explosive video footage that is sending shock waves through the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

After posting two videos in two days, O’Keefe was suspended from Twitter for half a day. He then relocated to a discussion site called Reddit, and has explicitly publicized the fact that he has set up “deadhand switches” that will automatically release all his footage if anything “accidentally” happens to him. As he continues to release more damning footage, don’t be surprised if he O’Keefe is suspended or banned outright from multiple social media sites.


O’Keefe has stuck to his release schedule, so expect even more bombs to go off as late as hours before the final presidential debate. What a time to be alive!

In any case, what hand grenade has O’Keefe thrown this time?

Donald Trump: “This election is rigged.” James O’Keefe: “Here’s a bunch of hard evidence that this election is rigged.”

At around 16 minutes, there’s a lot to digest in O’Keefe’s video (which, he reminds us, is only part 1!). So as not to miss the forest for the The two most important takeaways from O’Keefe’s latest video expose are:

1 – A tactic called “bird-dogging” has been integral to the Clinton/DNC campaign from the very start

2 – There is no daylight between the operations of the DNC (and its activist subgroups) and the Hillary Clinton campaign

In other words, Hillary Clinton herself has known for at least a year that her campaign and her entire party systematically incite violence at Trump rallies. This is hard evidence of direct collaboration between the DNC and the Hillary/Kaine campaign to terrorize every Trump or Pence event with paid, trained, and centrally organized agitators. Many of these agitators were homeless and/or mentally ill persons, as well as “rock ‘n’ roll” DNC union workers. Moreover, coordinating all these thugs involved daily calls to Robbie Mook and Hillary Clinton herself. This Bolshevik/Brownshirt “birddogging” campaign is way bigger than online “troll” tactics by the Correct The Record Super PAC. This campaign literally amounts to a paid, mobile army of about 500 agitators that can be anywhere in the USA as needed.

In addition to email evidence that the Clinton campaign used the term “bird dog” to describe manipulating Latinos and others Democratic supporters, there is earth-shattering email evidence of joint bank accounts between the Hillary campaign and the DNC itself. On July 15, 2015, Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, wrote the following to “Madame Secretary” herself, directly:

I wanted to get your blessing to move forward with the DNC joint account. We didn’t get a chance to cover that on our call. I’m obviously happy to have a conversation about it if you want–or move forward. I’m happy with the arrangement and believe it’s important to our money and operational strategies.

So, do not be misled. This has everything to do with Hillary Clinton herself. As they say, “The fish rots from the head down.”

Now, before you watch the video itself, Joel Pollak provides a helpful overview of it:

The goal of “bird-dogging”: to create a sense of “anarchy” around Donald Trump that would undermine his political support. Often, the tactic uses the most vulnerable people — including the elderly and disabled — to maximize shock value. …

O’Keefe’s extensive video investigation reveals that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are involved in “bird-dogging” and other provocative tactics through a web of consultants led by Robert Creamer, a veteran Chicago activist and convicted felon who is thought to have planned Democrats’ political strategy during the push for Obamacare in 2009 and 2010.

Creamer is also the co-founder of Democracy Partners, a consulting group that, according to Project Veritas videos, apparently contracts directly with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, and that works with an array of super PACs and consultants to organize, film and publicize their provocations. …

Creamer affirms on one video that Clinton is aware of “all” of his work, and that Democracy Partners has a daily telephone call with the Clinton campaign to coordinate efforts. …

The videos obtained by O’Keefe and Project Veritas corroborate earlier evidence of a Democratic plan to use violent imagery against the Trump campaign. A DNC PowerPoint presentation from April released by Wikileaks includes a plan to cite “incidents of violence” to create the “desired perception” that “Trump is dangerous and divisive, undermining our values and putting our security at risk.”

“Clinton is aware of all…”

Again, that is the key to the whole thing: this is not some fringe activity being run by a few DNC staffers. This is an integral part of the official, ongoing campaign strategy for Hillary/Kaine 2016. If she ever decides to show her face before November 8, I’m sure Hillary would deny any knowledge of this strategy, but she would be lying as always.

Hillary is hiding in the darkness, just like her campaign and the DNC: no events but the debate (if she even attends it) all October.

Remember how Obama lied last year that he had not known about Hillary’s illegal e-mail server until he read about it in the papers? Too bad for him, Wikileaks emails prove that he not only knew about it, but even used a code name to communicate with her on it! It’s the same thing here: we have email evidence that the DNC and the Hillary campaign actively promoted and planned “bird-dogging” riots at every Trump and Pence event.

The good news is that now we can explain the “random” firebombing of a Trump campaign office yesterday.

The media has lost ALL credibility. Don’t believe these staged “birddog” protests any more than you believe that Trump is Hitler or Islam is the religion of peace.

This is MUST WATCH NEWS, folks. Don’t drink another sip of the CNN/MSNBC/LGBTXYZWTF news Kool-Aid!

Please make time to watch the whole video, and stay tuned to us here at CDP for updates as they develop. Also, do not be surprised if this YouTube copy of the footage gets suppressed by YouTube. This is information that the liberal establishment DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE.

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