Texas Faces Voter Lawsuit

PUBLISHED: 6:27 PM 24 Jan 2018

Group Demands Texas County Release Non-Citizen Voting records, Lawsuit Threatened

The campaign to investigate illegal alien voter registrations in Harris county has escalated.

Should Texas be forced to release their non-citizen voting records?

Democrats and leftists in the U.S. love to say that there is no way for illegal aliens to vote in our elections. Even though there are countless reports of it happening, we are fed the same lie time and time again; it isn’t happening.

Unfortunately, it is and the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) plans to “sue Texas’ largest county if it doesn’t produce records in connection with thousands of noncitizens who somehow made it on to the county’s voter rolls,” the Daily Caller reports today.

The Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector is known to have received a “notice” promising a federal lawsuit if the data is withheld which shows clearly, they suggest, that illegal’s were actively voting in U.S. elections.

County officials make the ridiculous claim that “voter registration records were exempt from Texas open records laws,” which is the exact opposite of the facts. We are reminded that the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 permits private citizens to view “records concerning the implementation of programs and activities conducted for the purpose of ensuring accuracy and currency of official lists of eligible voters.”

Logan Churchwell is PILF’s communications and research director who says that his group is “digging in their heels” and preparing for a  battle. He added, “What’s particularly interesting about Harris is that you have multiple points in recent history where officials have gone on record and said, ‘Yeah, it’s happening, it’s a problem.”

On this point, he is right in every way. Leftist officials will often say that there is a problem so that they can stay out of prison if/when a serious issue is found. Meanwhile, they do everything possible to obstruct and hide the problem because they want it to grow, as it has.

There are over 4 million people in Harris County, and as is the case with every other nation in the world, America does not need those who are not citizens voting there. Already, a quarter of those living in the region is foreign-born, which means that even legal migrants are being dishonored.

Twice in the past, “the Harris County voter registrar” has admitted to having problems with making sure that everyone voting is legally allowed to. It “has and will continue to occur,” confessed then-Voter Registrar G.O.P. Paul Bettencourt, in 2006.

Also, former Voter Registrar Mike Sullivan, also a Republican, informed “the Texas House Elections Committee in a 2015 hearing” that officials regularly illegal voting numbers in the “low thousands.” Only last year, everyone was told that not enough illegals and dead voters voted to hand Mrs. Clinton the popular vote. That now seems far more possible than some had reasoned it to be.

More vitally, we need to ensure that it does not happen again. No matter what party the people in charge of fixing this are, it must change. If not, we are left to ponder just who is electing our leaders and to what ends.

Sources: The Daily Caller – The Conservative Daily Post