Gang Ignites Victim

PUBLISHED: 5:02 PM 25 Jan 2018

Group Attacks, Sets On Fire Unarmed Man In Unprovoked Violence, Police Capture Only Two

They beat him and set him on fire, but no details about the suspects have been released.

This was a vicious attack.

The ills of society with all its savagery was on display in full horror in Virginia. While there are certain crimes like shootings and stabbings which rend out hearts like vice grips, what was done to one man by a group of thugs there is far worse.

Fox News has revealed that a “group of men” set someone on fire and many of those responsible for the emulation is still on the loose and unidentified. There are few pains that a human can endure that are as intense and relentless as being set ablaze, yet this appears to have meant little to those who conducted the crime.

Fairfax County Police said that around 2 p.m., the horrendous attack happened at an apartment complex in Annandale, about 13 miles removed from the nation’s capital. Someone had called saying that a gentleman was being assaulted by a group of people who had set him on fire.

Officers responded to the scene and they observed people matching the description running from the area,” said Lt. Eli Corey with the Fairfax County Police Department during a press briefing. “So they gave chase and they were able to apprehend two of the possible five suspects.

Many who have heard the details of the story are hoping that, like many criminals, the two captured reveal who the others were. With crimes as sadistic as this, there is no limit to the evil which can be seen if this does not happen.

Fox DC have said that authorities found a charred backpack at the scene and that “the victim suffered burns to his upper body.” He was transported to the hospital and has not sustained life-threatening injuries, though this could have ended much differently.

Police are not even sure why the attack took place. As time carries are on, those still at large are going to have ample time to lay low and dig in as the law seeks to bring them to justice.

Perhaps they will brag, use their own ATM, or commit one of the countless other senseless errors that such criminals often commit which work to bring them down.

If not, Virginia has three people out in the free world, walking the streets, with a rage that burns so hot that they feel no remorse for setting their hapless victims on fire as if they were torches.

That is just something which can not be allowed to stand.

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