PUBLISHED: 8:36 PM 7 Dec 2017

Grassroots Sparks EU Demand Of Law REPEAL As “Corrective Action” Against Country Looms

Poland is standing up to the corrupt un-elected bureaucrats making grabs in the EU.

Poland is standing up to the corrupt un-elected bureaucrats making power grabs in the E.U.

Poland is being pressured to abandon their convictions and values by the corrupt European Union(EU), who are intent on subverting the will of the Polish. Poland is overwhelmingly Christian and holds strong pro-life convictions and values, their laws reflect this.

The Stop Abortion Committee in Poland put together a petition for the people to sign in support of expanding the ban of abortion, the murder of unborn children, to include the unborn with disabilities. The petition needed 100,000 signatures before a legislative proposal could be submitted to parliament.

The effort was a resounding success, and received 830,000 signatures from the God fearing, Catholic population of Poland. As a result, Poland is now looking to pass legislation which would further restrict the abortion of children thought to be disabled.

The EU has determined they should decide when murdering unborn children is acceptable. However, the people of Poland have determined that life begins at conception, and that human life is important, regardless of how undesirable that life may be to the E.U.

Poland currently has a law requiring a prescription for the morning after pill, a drug designed to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse has taken place. This too, is under attack by the EU, who condemns this legislation to be a human rights violation.

Poland, in accordance with its values, has defunded groups who sponsor, and advocate, for the murder of unborn children in their country. These funds have now been allocated to Catholic organizations. Ironically, the EU has taken issue with all of these pro-life measures in the name of the most perverse sense of “human rights” imaginable.

The European Union has also decided to invade the personal lives of the Polish people demanding the country supply contraception, free of cost, to their population. The EU has clearly overstepped its bounds and the Polish government has shown before they will not cave.

Poland is one of three countries which told the EU they would not be resettling any refugees within their borders. Hungary and Austria have not taken in a single refugee either. These decisions turned out to be really good choices. The governments who accepted the mass immigration demanded by the EU have drawn resentment from their own people.

Moreover, the flood of migrants in European countries has burdened their welfare system, paid for on the backs of Europeans who never voted to take in the third-world Muslims. The countries who complied with the EU immigration orders have also seen their streets riddled with crime, their women rapped in mass, and their people suffer at the hands of “refugees.” Even Germany is trying to pay migrants to get out of their country now.

The European Parliament has called on the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, to investigate Poland’s practices and laws. The committee is tasked with forming a report, which will consist of Poland’s violations of the Treaties of the European Union (TEU). The EU intends to use the documents in the report as a basis to invoke article seven of the of the TEU.

Article seven of the TEU could rescind the right of Poland to vote in the EU Council. This would require every other member state of the EU to vote unanimously to suspend Poland’s vote. However, It ultimately would have no affect on the policies in Poland that have come under attack by the EU, and it is extremely unlikely a unanimous vote can be garnered.

Poland understands the intrinsic value of human life in the same way they understand their country belongs to the people who built and maintain it, not third-world migrants who will destroy it. While other countries are robbing their children of their birthrights, and everything their ancestors built, Poland is paving the way for their people to have more children to carry on their legacy.

Poland is home to some of the most beautiful churches in the world. A sign of their unwavering faith and an important part of the legacy they will pass on to future generations.

Poland’s government has shown itself to be faithful to their people, not bureaucrats in the EU who are intent on seizing control of their autonomy. The Polish have every right to control their country and reject the power grab of the globalists EU bureaucrats running amok.

The convictions of the Christian country of Poland are commendable, as is there willingness to fight for their people in a meaningful way.