PUBLISHED: 5:07 PM 9 Jan 2017

Graham: If You Don’t Wan’t To Punish Russia For Interfering You’re Not A True American Patriot

Treasonous snakes working for Obama...

Treasonous snakes working for Obama...

Treasonous snakes working for Obama…

The two biggest fake Conservative, establishment RINO’s simply cannot accept that Donald Trump won this election fairly. In the media, they argue that they want to use “whatever force is necessary” to hold Putin “accountable,” but their intentions also much more severe than the surface reveals.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham have joined Obama’s side to “blame Russia” for Hillary’s election loss. Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Sen. Lindsey Graham said any Republican celebrating Russia’s hacking into the 2016 presidential election were “making a huge mistake” and described them as a “political hack that is unpatriotic.”

Graham said, “To my Republican friends who are gleeful, you’re making a huge mistake. When Wikileaks released information during the Bush years about the Iraq War that was embarrassing to the administration, that put our troops at risk most Democrats condemned it, some celebrated it. Most Republicans are condemning what Russia did and to those who are gleeful it you’re a political hack. You’re not a Republican and you’re not a patriot.”

He added, “When one party is compromised all of us are compromised. And here’s what I’m going to do with Senator McCain, we will introduce sanctions that are bipartisan that go beyond the sanctions today against Russia that will hit them in the financial sector and the energy sector where they’re the weakest. And we’re going to give President Trump an opportunity to make Russia pay a price for interfering in our elections so it will deter others in the future.”

They are really "good friends"

They are really “good friends”

So what does this mean? Graham’s remarks appear to be nothing more than political speak, but once you dig deeper, you can see how important this is. First, he and McCain think you are un-American, unpatriotic, political hacks if you don’t want Russia punished.

Secondly, they are willing to trust Obama’s intelligence agencies — who definitely got it right in Iraq with WMD’s, ISIS, Libya, Iran Nuclear Deal, and the historic rise in terrorism on American soil — when they use a factually inaccurate report to blame Russia.

Obama and his team of cronies want us to believe that Putin forced 63 million people to vote for Trump, which is odd given that the only person that actually owns and tried to hack machines was George Soros. Outside of that, how did Putin hack millions of paper ballots or make people go to the polls?

If you think this story is “old news,” think again. McCain and Graham are working with Obama in order to place sanctions on Russia that will further escalate tensions and could push us closer to a second Cold War. That is not a joke nor is it something to take lightly.

What do you think about Graham calling you un-American and unpatriotic? Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton calling us deplorable for rejecting their hawkish policies and agendas, doesn’t it?

In 2018, we need to fight to ensure that all anti-Trump establishment cronies lose their reelection and cannot perpetuate war with other countries because their candidate lost an election.

That’s right, Graham and McCain’s coziness with Obama is a telling sign, and we won’t forget on election day that they are trying to push us into nuclear war with Russia!

Are you an un-American, unpatriotic, political hack?