PUBLISHED: 10:09 PM 19 Apr 2017

Gorsuch-Backed Supreme Court Stands With Trump, Denying Newly Submitted Request

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court (Pictured) Has Just Denied A Request.

Refugees are a big topic of discussion for the United States. The liberals and Democrats want to invite every single one of them into the country. Meanwhile, conservatives and Republicans want to help, but they also want to make sure that natural citizens are safe from any harm.

Over the past couple years, there have been several high profile terror attacks that have come from refugees. While most of these attacks have happened overseas in Germany, it’s important to note that they caused it, thanks to their decision to have open borders. That was the same plan that Hillary Clinton and the other Democrats wanted in the 2016 elections.

Thankfully, American voted in President Trump and his campaign promise to keep Americans safe. He compounded that statement by selecting Judge Neil Gorsuch to take over the vacant spot left by Justice Antonin Scalia. Now the Supreme Court is working to keep Americans safe, as they denied over 60 asylum claims from Central American refugees.

Justice Gorsuch

With The Addition Of Justice Gorsuch (Pictured) The Supreme Court Has Nine Justices Again.

This also represents a legal victory for President Trump and his administration. Immigration is a hot topic in the country, and asylum seekers are part of that. However, Trump wants to get the illegals out of the country and wants to make sure that asylum seekers are not going to harm anyone while they’re here.

The decision to not hear the cases means that the lower court ruling stands. The lower court denied the asylum seekers appeal. Meanwhile, the immigrants, from countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador, have argued that if they are to return to their homelands, they will face violence and discrimination.

They first entered the United States through Texas back in 2015. However, they were immediately detained and set for deportation. As a result of that, the refugees were marked for immediate deportation. That was unbearable for liberals, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) decided to help represent them.

The migrants, with the help of the ACLU, argued that they didn’t have their right to a federal review, due to how quickly they were put in the deportation process. However, they aren’t American citizens, and that was what the court said. Essentially, they have the same legal ground as illegal immigrants.


Once Again, The ACLU Is Doing What They Can To Damage America.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia previously ruled on the case. “Congress may, consonant with the Constitution, deny habeas review in federal court of claims relating to an alien’s application for admission to the country, at least as to aliens who have been denied initial entry or who, like petitioners, were apprehended very near the border and, essentially, immediately after surreptitious entry into the country.”

Naturally the ACLU rejected the logic of the lower court’s decision. Their reasoning didn’t make a lot of sense though. They said migrants who cross the border “cannot be treated as non-citizens arriving at the border and thereby denied constitutional rights, particularly habeas corpus rights.” That honestly doesn’t make sense. Constitutional rights are given to AMERICAN citizens, or those that have proper documentation.

Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA released a statement about the ruling. “These families cannot be sent back to certain danger. The United States has an international obligation to grant asylum seekers a fair hearing. They must not be deported, or detained any longer, and must have their full cases heard by an immigration judge.” If they are facing significant danger, why doesn’t Huang, or members of the ACLU open up their homes to these refugees?

Another liberal decided to open their mouth on this decision as well. Eleanor Acer, senior director of refugee protection at Human Rights First, also released a statement. “It is alarming that the Supreme Court has passed on the opportunity to correct this deeply flawed ruling which denies due process to mothers and children who are seeking this country’s protection. These families, who have sadly been held in immigration detention for over a year after requesting this country’s protection, face dire risks of danger in their home countries. The United States should not return these families to danger.”

They can’t just accept every single refugee out there. There is literally and entire continent that shows why that is such a bad idea. Look at Europe after the refugee crisis. Why should the United States try and replicate something like that?

Muslim refugees

Why Don’t They Take In Some Refugees Then?

In fact, the person that was responsible for the migrant crisis in Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has even admitted that they were responsible for damages. If the person responsible for the mess is saying that they shouldn’t have done this, then it’s a good reason to believe them.

Of course, liberals are screaming that the United States should be like Canada. However, what they don’t realize is that Canada’s open border policy isn’t exactly open. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, isn’t exactly as open as the liberal media makes him out to be.

The United States Supreme Court has just ruled that over 60 people seeking asylum are not going to be let into the United States. Even though liberals are screaming and whining, the courts decision is final. Someone has to make sure that Americans are safe, since liberals want to harm them.