PUBLISHED: 10:27 PM 8 Feb 2017

GOP Wastes ZERO Time: Dept. Of Education To Be Chopped As America Returns To Small Gov.

KY Congressman Thomas Massie swears his oath. His bill will axe the Dept. of Education.

KY Congressman Thomas Massie swears his oath. His bill will axe the Dept. of Education.

KY Congressman Thomas Massie swears his oath. His bill will axe the Dept. of Education.

Shortly following the victorious confirmation of Betsy DeVos for secretary of education, Tea Party Republicans have boldly introduced a new education bill, one that will cause liberals’ heads to explode.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has put forth a bill to abolish the federal Department of Education, one that will put DeVos out of a job if passed.

Joining Massie in the uphill battle are fellow members of the GOP House, including Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Justin Amash (Mich.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Walter Jones (N.C.) and Raúl R. Labrador (Idaho).

Massie’s bill, H.R. 899, sets a deadline to fold the bloated, left leaning federal agency by the end of the year 2018, reported The Blaze. In introducing the bill on Tuesday, Massie explained the need to eliminate the department.

“Neither Congress nor the President, through his appointees, has the constitutional authority to dictate how and what our children must learn,” Massie said in a Facebook post.

Reflecting the opinion of millions of American parents, Massie added:

“Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. should not be in charge of our children’s intellectual and moral development. States and local communities are best positioned to shape curricula that meet the needs of their students. Schools should be accountable. Parents have the right to choose the most appropriate educational opportunity for their children, including home school, public school, or private school.”

The controversial federal education overseer has come under fire since its creation in 1979 through the Department Of Education Act signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. It was that act that moved the small office of education to a high level cabinet branch under the president.

Three US presidents who have been the biggest advocates of social engineering using Dept. of Education to implement their agenda.

Three US presidents who have been the biggest advocates of social engineering using Dept. of Education to implement their agenda.

Since its enactment, the department has grown into a vehicle for progressive liberal idealism forced upon students; stripping power from local schools and parents.  Starting with a budget of 14.5 billion in 1979, this “indoctrination” program is costing the tax payers more than 73 billion dollars per year.

Imagine what local schools could do with that money if returned to the states.

Many Republicans opposed elevating the office of education to cabinet status, citing the 10th Amendment that leaves to the states all governance over issues not given to the authority of the federal government in the Constitution. Since the founding document fails to mention “education” GOP members unsuccessfully fought the bill using the Constitutional argument, one the Democratic majority at the time rejected. President Reagan pushed for abolishment during his terms and though he managed to significantly cut funding during that era, he was unable to rid the American people of the overreaching entity.

According to the enacting legislation, the primary functions of the Department of Education are to “establish policy for, administer and coordinate most federal assistance to education, collect data on US schools, and to enforce federal educational laws regarding privacy and civil rights.

It is those “functions” unconscionably allocated to the department that opened the door to intrusive federal “policies” and “regulations” that has brought the once greatest education system in the world to near bottom of industrialized nations education rankings.

According to a 2013 Huffington Post report, the US had dropped to 17 on the list for developed countries with Finland and South Korea being at the top. And to make matters worse, while other countries were improving, the report revealed the US public education continues on a path of steady decline. One study has the US ranked 36th. How did this happen?US

As with most programs usurped, created and/or regulated by the federal government, failure appears to be inevitable. Look at Social Security, healthcare, the welfare system and many more. The more involved the federal government becomes into any program, the bigger decline in successful results.

The Founders understood in order for a people and a nation to thrive, power is to be left at the local level. Based on their knowledge and experience with other forms of government, created a system of negative protections against building a large central authority; one that could easily lead to a tyrannous overbearing government that will strip the rights away from the people.

Do we see any resemblance to the overreaching government today the Founders warned against?

Since its creation, the Dept. Of Education has been instrumental in removing prayer, the Ten Commandments and all references to the Almighty out of public schools. It has promoted an atheist hostile environment against Christians while elevating other forms of “religion” like Islam with forced indoctrinated studies.

As practices of faith have declined, so has the social order of our nation.

As practices of faith have declined, so has the social order of our nation.

Since its creation, the Dept. Of Education has stripped all moral authority from parents, introducing kids as young as five to progressive ideals of sex, gender neutrality, abortion and promotes a type of rebellion for kids to stand up against parental authority and discipline such as spankings. Spanking a child in a controlled manner is not child abuse, yet students are advised of their “rights” and encourages children to report any behavior they don’t agree with to authorities.

Since its creation, the Dept. Of Education has usurped all curriculum control from local students. Progressive department heads have instilled a blanket federal program of “common core” principles and revisionist history which has discredited and attacked the founding fathers perverting their political and Christian based idealism.

The department has moved to abolish the teaching of the Constitution while introducing studies which portray the American culture as evil and indoctrinating students into a more “world” view of nationalities.

It has spearheaded the charge for massive social engineering that has led to moral decay and increased racial divide and hate to an all new high in recent years.

NWO elitists began infiltrating the education system at the same time as the Eugenics movement started in the US

NWO elitists began infiltrating the education system at the same time as the Eugenics and Progressive Democrat political movement started in the US.

Since its creation, The Dept. Of Education has been directly responsible through its progressive idealism and indoctrination for a complete social breakdown in the US. Statistics do not lie. Readers are encouraged to research facts for themselves.

There is a direct correlation between the rise in social issues with the increased power of the federal department over the years.

Increases in crime, anti-American behavior, divorce, out-of-wedlock births, juvenile delinquency, plummeting test scores, student violence such as bullying and school shootings, lack of respect for law, order and authority and many more issues leading to a complete social and economic breakdown in our nation.

In a nutshell, Progressives have used the tax payer funded Dept. Of Education to implement the Alinsky model of “Rules for Radicals” in an attempt to demolish a free democratic nation from within its own systems. To “overwhelm” and destroy everything that is American, replacing it with their Soros elitists’ vision of a New World Order in which the masses will be subjugated into servitude to a few.

With “means to justify the ends” deceptive tactics, these elitists have intentionally created “crises” and chaos to reach the ultimate goal. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The Trump train has rolled into Washington!

The Trump train has rolled into Washington!

But the Trump train is steam rolling over their deceitful plans, and it appears some members of the GOP are jumping on board.

With majorities in both the House and the Senate, Massie’s bill should pass. And according to the KY congressman, he is confident President Trump will sign the legislation if delivered to his desk.

Which GOP members will act boldly in voting for the measure and which will cower to liberal progressives is, right now. still a matter of question. Be diligent and watchful “Deplorables,” mid-term elections will be here sooner than you think.