Arizona Election Lawsuit

PUBLISHED: 4:12 PM 9 Nov 2018

GOP Sues Arizona After ‘New’ Ballots Found

The signature confirmation is at the heart of this emergency lawsuit.

The Arizona election is now in the hands of the courts too.

Republicans in Arizona have filed a lawsuit challenging the method used for counting mail in ballots.

Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, both U.S. representatives, are battling for a senate seat, and as of Thursday afternoon, McSally had 856,848 votes to Sinema’s 839,775.

However, the Republican lawmaker’s lead is somehow changing.

Apparently, an inordinate amount of mail-in ballots are still not counted.

“About 75 percent of Arizona voters cast their ballots by mail, and county recorders are only beginning to wade through the 600,000-plus outstanding votes, a process that is expected to take days.”

However, four county GOP parties argue that county recorders are not using the same process to verify the votes, with signatures, and some are skirting the law.

Apparently, at least two counties are allowing people to fix problems after election day, which is a big no-no. Once the polls close, that’s supposed to be it.

The lawsuit says these counties are allowing voters to have as many as five days after the election to clear up any issues with their signatures.

McSally is a former Air Force pilot and has campaigned on her military background closeness to President Donald Trump.

Sinema, a former independent who aligned with the Green Party, has been forced to downplay her anti-war past, her hatred of guns, her lies about poverty, her support of child predators and her general desire to implement progressive policies.

The hearing is scheduled for today.