GOP Fighting Each Other

PUBLISHED: 8:55 PM 14 Jan 2019

GOP Squabbling: McCarthy Promises ‘Action’ Against Racist Remarks

Steve King has become the target of GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, after asking why ‘white Nationalist’ was an offensive term.

Steve King has drawn the ire of other GOP representatives for asking when the words 'white supremacy' became offensive.

On Sunday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy vowed to take ‘action’ against Rep. Steve King, after King questioned why ‘white nationalist’ and ‘white supremacist’ were offensive terms.

McCarthy condemned the Iowa Republican and told CBS’s “Face The Nation” that he plans to meet King today to discuss the matter.

Many conservatives are repulsed by white supremacists, just as much as the race politics used by democrats, but wonder why the GOP is turning in each other, given the fact that they are now a minority on the House of Representatives.

“Action will be taken,” McCarthy pompously stated, promising to have a “serious conversation with Congressman Steve King on his future and role in this Republican Party.”

“There is a number of things you’ll see that is taking place,” he added. “But I will not stand back as a leader of this party, believing in this nation that all are created equal, that that stands or continues to stand and has any role with us.”

Most all conservatives agree. The ‘unequal’ status bestowed on Christians and other non-specialized groups has long been an issue that has disgusted many.

McCarthy did not outline any specific potential action he might take, but lawmakers have floated the idea of censuring King or removing him from committee assignments as punishment.

In an interview with The New York Times published last week, King asked how language like “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” became offensive. Although the remarks are obviously not politically correct, censoring a person because of a question seems tyrannical to many people.

He later explained in a House floor speech that he’s not “anti-immigrant,” but that’s not apparently enough for the California lawmaker.

King tweeted in 2017, “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Iowa State Sen. Randy Feenstra announced a primary challenge against King too, stating that “we don’t need any more sideshows or distractions.”

Another Republican, Bret Richards, told the Des Moines Register that he plans to run against King.

Although everyone can agree that racism in all its forms, whether it involves the Islamic belief that all non-Muslims are dogs or the idea that all whites are to blame for all forms of slavery, is both idiotic and wrong.

However, most conservatives believe that in-fighting within the party is a sure fire way to ensure that the socialist policies and constitutional destruction democrats have planned for the country will succeed.