GOP Propose Immigration Agreement

PUBLISHED: 10:35 PM 12 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 10:37 PM 12 Feb 2018

GOP Senators Propose Reasonable Plan Giving Democrats Amnesty AND Funding The Wall

Now it will be up to Democrats.

Today's G.O.P. stands to repeat Reagan's error.

The G.O.P., regardless of what Democrats often opine, has been a much more honest monster under the watchful eye of President Donald Trump. We have seen deportations happening, the TPP tossed away as rubbish and an attack on outsourcing. These are all promises that Mr. Trump has kept. However, when it comes to DACA, there seem to be some promises which are about to be broken and many ardent supporters are understandably less than enthused about it.

The Washington Examiner tells us that a number of G.O.P. senators “will introduce legislation Monday would put about 1.8 million illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children by their parents on a path toward citizenship” in return for $25 billion being spent on the border (in part, “The Wall”). This “reasonable amnesty” may be a very hard sell to a Republican base that was promised something different.

Mr. Trump walks a fine line here. On one hand, he has promised compromise and to show a willingness to work with those opposed to him. On the other hand, the White House promised to make those who never took the time to apply for citizenship, do so via deportation and legal reentry (he at no point barred noncriminal illegals from coming back).

The way his promises were laid out, the Commander in Chief will not have lied if he allows this, but this may ruffle more than a few conservative feathers.

The Examiner informs us that “Sens. Chuck Grassley, James Lankford, Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, John Cornyn, Thom Tillis, and David Perdue” are confounders of  “the Secure and Succeed Act.” This is legislation that appears to be paving the capitulation highway when it comes to DACA.

“This legislation is a reasonable approach to shielding children illegally brought to our country through no fault of their own while also taking the meaningful steps to ensure nobody finds themselves in the same situation in the future,” reasoned Grassley.

He added, “This is a rare opportunity to fix a real problem and protect the country in a thoughtful and compassionate way.”

Just the same, why did those people never apply legally before now? This is what every American would have to do if the same situation arose in any other nation. Why is only the U.S.A. to hand out free passes?

President Ronald Reagan allowed illegals to remain and it only led to an influx of more undocumented workers than ever before! Once the illegal aliens became citizens, those hiring them forgot them and began seeking more of those here illegally in order to save money.

Hopefully, the money for The Wall will stop this bit of history from repeating, but many are skeptical. Also, our economy has to keep paying the DACA burden with this solution, so it is far from ideal.

The good news is that this “closes loopholes the senators say allow criminals to enter the country illegally.” In addition to that,  the act “relocates” the “diversity immigration lottery, which would reduce the backlog of people awaiting visas based on chain migration and employer-backed visas.

Certainly, America has “sold” entry into the U.S. and that makes very un-affordable for some really wonderful people to migrate here. It simply costs so much to be allowed to move here, and that should be addressed. Seeing this change is not a bad thing and it should have happened long ago, since we want the best, not necessarily the richest.

That said, since criminals who did not apply and/or are fleeing justice demand to stay as a right. This makes it much harder to attract the very best. The U.S.A. can only accept so many people, after all.

President Trump has been very clear on what he will sign into law, and this is it. This is a great deal and the only solution that fully addresses the four pillars in the President’s framework,” said Perdue.

Now it is up to Republicans and Democrats in both chambers. If people really want to solve the DACA situation, secure our border, and fix the flaws in our current system that incentivize illegal immigration, they should be eager to support this plan,” he also said.

More border agents would be hired, which is another boon, should this act pass. Virtual and physical barriers are also to be employed, according to reports.

Cotton declared,” This is the only bill that has a chance of becoming law, and that’s because it’s the only bill that will truly solve the underlying problem.”

It remains to be seen if Mr. Trump’s ever-loyal base is going to agree.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Washington Examiner