PUBLISHED: 9:33 PM 2 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:39 PM 2 Jan 2018

BREAKING: GOP Senate Stalwart Drops Bombshell As 2018 Candidate Speculation Rife

Will the retirement of Hatch (pictured) mean a new role for Mitt Romney?

Will the retirement of Hatch (pictured) mean a new role for Mitt Romney?

The Republican party is seeing a changing (or at least a shifting) of the old guard. With people like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) serving and more libertarian voices like Milo Yianopoulous speaking for the party, the alterations were a long time coming. As Yahoo News reports, “Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah said Tuesday he will not seek re-election after serving more than 40 years in the Senate.”

While some of those who welcome the new blood may be ready to cheer, it is none other than Mitt Romney who may run for the seat. That is why today’s news is not so much an upset as a rewiring. The 83-year-old said that while he has always “been a fighter,” it was true that “every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves.”

He remains the longest-serving member of the Senate and he is the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Hatch has used his power to help get the tax bill “pushed through Congress,” something that Mr. Trump was most grateful for.

Hatch was also the voice of reason when it came to “scaling back two sprawling national monuments in Utah that Hatch and other conservatives considered examples of government overreach.” Considering that our Constitution allows for private land ownership and this land-grab was violating the spirit of the law, this no small matter.

The old-time conservative said that “much prayer and discussion with family and friends” led to his decision to end his service after this seventh term. “I may be leaving the Senate, but the next chapter in my public service is just beginning,” he said.

Trump, for his part, encouraged Hatch to remain.

Many pundits think (and may Trump supporters worry) that Mitt Romney (pictured) will run for Hatch’s seat.

This was the case even as calls for Romney to seek the seat were being heard. When one remembers what a distraction and outright thorn in the side of progress that “Mittens” has been, it is no wonder why the White House feels as they do.

Just the same, Trump is moving along nicely with the economy and other promises that he has kept that even Mr. Romney may not be able to oppose him very much.

Let us hope that it so, anyhow.

Source: Yahoo News