200K Green Cards

PUBLISHED: 4:05 PM 30 Jul 2018

GOP Rep. Offers Green-Card Giveaway To 200K Foreign College-Grads

Yoder engineered a committee vote in the House which puts 200,000 Indian visa-workers on a fast-track to green cards and citizenship.

Trump has frozen bank accounts belonging to the Palestinian Authority.

Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas engineered a committee vote in the House of Representatives on a measure that would allow 200,000 Indian visa-workers to be put on an expedited transition, to receive citizenship and green cards in America, according to Breitbart. Yoder’s forced committee vote was also “off the record,” so the American people do not know which other Republicans voted in favor of the measure.

His plan raises a bevy of questions, many of which surround the economic impact of allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to receive an education and jobs over American students. Yoder’s vote was hardly noticed by many after it took place on July 25, and Breitbart notes that the measure has been widely praised by tech firms who typically prefer to hire Indian college graduates over American graduates, because it is a less expensive long-term. This sneaky measure will not sit well with many Americans.

If signed into law, Yoder’s budget amendment would not only allow 200,000 Indian visa-workers to be put on the fast-track to receive citizenship and green cards in the U.S., according to some people, it would also further widen the pipeline of having hundreds of thousands of foreign workers swallowing up more of the U.S. labor market from American students and workers.

His bill would also reportedly make it more difficult for non-Indian foreigners to get approved for green cards over the next five years.

If the measure becomes law, it would prioritize Indian foreigners over Americans in many fields throughout the labor market, primarily in America’s tech and software space.

Breitbart also reports that Yoder’s bill will exacerbate the low-wage Indian foreigner pipeline that funnels hundreds of thousands of workers to America.

Tech, software, and other large entities in America typically hire foreign-born students and contractors and offer them low wages in exchange for helping them get green cards and a pathway to citizenship.

Yoder’s measure also does not include any provisions to help American workers, such as placing caps on visa-worker outsourcing or asylum.

His measure, essentially, allows for 200,000 Indian visa-workers to be given priority over American students and workers, which drastically goes against President Donald Trump‘s “America First” agenda.

Many Americans will not be pleased with Yoder’s measure, as it clearly gives Democrats everything while American workers are not given any attention. Why would Americans not be given priority over jobs and opportunities in America?

Why would any lawmaker introduce a measure that would allow foreigners to receive priority of American students and workers?

While the GOP will likely never let this measure see the light of day or advance through Congress, it speaks volumes about how some lawmakers — even those in the Republican Party — refuse to work with the Trump administration and advance the president’s “America First” agenda.