Lock Them Up!

PUBLISHED: 7:41 PM 26 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 2:08 PM 27 Apr 2018

GOP Rep. Calls For Imprisonment of Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Loretta Lynch

She outlines the fact that there are two sets of laws… one for citizens, and the other for the political elite.

GOP lawmaker wants Clinton and her cronies locked up!

Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York is calling for the imprisonment of fired FBI Director James Comey, fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, according to Mediaite.

Some liberal pundits and outlets are ridiculing Tenney, but many Americans agree with her demand and believe officials should “lock them up!”

Tenney is also demanding the two anti-Trump FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, be held accountable for being complicit in the overall plot to violate the law and shield Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Earlier this week, Tenney sent out an email to her supporters. In a screenshot of the email uploaded by Capital Tonight’s Nick Reisman, Tenney created a petition for Americans to sign if they support her goal of draining the swamp and holding corrupt officials accountable for their actions.

Check out the email below:

Tenney’s email goes on to explain why each individual should be charged and thrown in jail.

She writes that Clinton broke the law with her involvement in funding and colluding with former British spy Christopher Steele to compile the anti-Trump dossier.

She noted that the Department of Justice announced last week that Comey was under investigation for leaking memos to the media. After he was fired last year, Comey leaked memos he took of private conversations he had with Trump to the media.

The DOJ stated that at least two of the memos he leaked contained classified information, which is a felony.

In similar fashion, the DOJ revealed that prior to that McCabe was fired from the FBI for lying at least four times to investigators about authorizing leaks to the media. In October 2016, he allowed sensitive information downplaying the severity of the Clinton email scandal to be leaked to The Wall Street Journal.

His goal was to mislead voters into believing Clinton didn’t break any laws, but Comey admitted in July 2016 that she did.

The DOJ sent a criminal referral for McCabe to prosecutors, who are determining whether he should be charged.

Tenney said Lynch has a deep connection to the Uranium One scandal, which involved selling 20 percent of the United States uranium to Russia. During the deal, Clinton had $145 million “donated” to her foundation. Other officials reported there were kickbacks and bribes associated with the deal.

All of these corrupt officials colluded together to cover up crimes in an effort to help Clinton win the election. But given she lost, GOP lawmakers are calling on the DOJ to take action and hold them accountable for breaking the law.