PUBLISHED: 6:59 PM 15 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 7:17 PM 15 Feb 2017

GOP Releases Genius New Way To Make Mexico Pay For Wall…Nieto Left Speechless As Idea Works


President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto

When America in droves attended the rallies of Donald Trump while he was on the campaign trail, the cries of “Build the Wall” were often even louder than the cries to “Drain the swamp,” and “Lock her up.” This not only showed the level of complete dissatisfaction that was to be found in areas where illegal immigration killed both the people and the economy, but it created a bit of tension between the United States and Mexico. It also meant that Trump has quite a hurdle to leap over because he had promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, something that they have since adamantly denied.

Many ideas have been found so far that would cause Mexico to have to pay for the wall (as they should, since they are exporting their criminals to the U.S. mixed in with all of the so-called, “dreamers“), ranging from taxing every Mexican vehicle a few cents more per entry to simply taxing Mexican goods at a higher rate. While both options are more than applicable to the need at hand, Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. may have proven that when Trump promised to seek out those with amazing ideas and surround himself with them, he most certainly meant people like this.


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner has just found the most brilliant way to pay for the “Trump Wall” without angering Mexican leaders. This may be why he win popularity polls while other politicians are loathed.

According to the Washington Post, Sensenbrenner is suggesting a way to not only get Trump out of the corner that he has painted himself into (if the left is to be believed), not only get Mexico to pay for it, but even make it so that MEXICO DOES NOT MIND PAYING! While it can be assumed that a room full of magicians could not pull off such a feat, Sensenbrenner putting out the idea that money collected from Mexican drug cartels can pay for the wall is better than ten Merlins. This should make Mexico quite happy unless rumors really are true (we know that they are) that the Mexican government works with drug cartels to make illegal money from it. Even if true, what is Mexico going to say to the world, “No, hands off of our illegal drug money, we are not really trying to stop it.”

Sensenbrenner presents the idea in a bill that he has introduced that asks the Justice Department to increase forfeitures from Mexican drug cartels and nefarious drug lords. It also says that whatever money is already taken by the government should be used to pay for the wall. This would go a long way in stopping the lie that it is not the criminal element that is the reason for the wall since there is going to be enough crime to pay for a whole 2000 mile(ish) of it. That sort of puts to rest the notion that there is not a large criminal element in the United States from our friends in the south who do not want to address it. If there is enough illegal money to pay for the whole wall, then there is a huge criminal element. No one can then argue that point.

GRA030 MELILLA, 22/10/2014.- Agentes de Policía junto a algunos de los ochenta inmigrantes que están encaramados desde primera hora a la valla de Melilla, fronteriza con Marruecos, tras el último intento de entrar en la ciudad autonóma protagonizado por varios centenares de subsaharianos, algunos de los cuales, al menos una docena, ha conseguido superar el vallado perimetral. EFE/Francisco G. Guerrero

“Dreamers” are breaking into the nation with known criminals. There is a way to pay for the wall from the criminal element.

Sensenbrenner even mentions that this is a solution what should not add to the strain already suffered between the two nations over this matter. Since Mexico certainly keeps such money that goes south from America when it happens and since Mexico is supposed to be at war with these cartels, this seems like a perfectly fair way to pay for the wall. Mexico is not losing anything, the “poor and oppressed” Mexicans are not being taxed, and now La Rosa can get some undeserved rest. Rare is it that someone comes up with a plan to solve such a massive problem both economically and diplomatically as well as Sensenbrenner just did.

If we do nothing, we put the people of this nation at risk, as well as allow illegal immigrants to take away jobs, opportunities, and social funding from U.S. citizens — all at the expense of the American taxpayer” he correctly stated before adding, “The [sic] BUILD WALL Act is a creative solution to a complex problem and I encourage my colleagues to support it.”


President Trump was elected to build the wall and now there is a way to do it that hurts neither the U.S. nor Mexico.

One of the concerns that may come to mind is that this is going to worsen issues on the failed, intrusive, and illegal War on Drugs that does to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution what E.U. refugees have done to Sweden, but the illegal status of drugs in America only invites the problems from Mexico, it does not cause them. Even if drugs were legal, the violence from Mexico drug dealers demanding that users buy only THEIR drugs would still exist. Plus, the War on Drugs can not get much worse in America where for-profit prisons exist to even gut the will of the people on matters of pot use.

From here it will be quite interesting to observe what becomes of the idea. On paper, again assuming that Mexico wants to pretend that it is not making a fortune from the drug cartels (which they ARE) just as some elements connected to our government have as well, then there is nothing to fight here. The money that we get from combating the crime will pay for the wall that will work to stop the crime from entering. The “Trump Wall” will not be paid for from starving Mexicans who are starving because their leadership has failed them. It will not be paid for on the backs of would-be dreamers, and even the “Average Juan” will not have to pay an extra few pesos to drive legally into the nation, which is fair since Average Juan is not causing the problems.


The horrendous levels of violence on the border that Mexico tries to downplay will pay for the coming “Trump Wall.”

With all of the bad press that Trump has seen this week regarding leaks and sabotage from within his own intelligence community that is starting to hint at George W. Bush type failures, let us remember that we elected Trump as a nation to not be perfect, but to be as close to perfect as can be expected. That means fixing problems expediently when they become known. With men like Sensenbrenner near Trump, it can be noted that his promise to keep “amazing people with amazing ideas” around him has been more than kept.

Job well done, Mr. Sensenbrenner.