GOP Rep Unmasks

PUBLISHED: 4:21 PM 20 Jun 2018

GOP NC Rep Reveals FBI Unprofessionalism, Unmasks Alleged ‘Counterintelligence’ Agents

He unmasked two agents, and revealed similarities to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Mark Meadows, a GOP rep from North Carolina, unmasked two FBI agents after it was discovered that they were referred for punishment but their names were hidden due to claims they were involved in 'counterintelligence' work. It appease that they were both in the general counsel's office, and that neither of them were counterintel at all.

The hearing on Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report about the Hillary Clinton email server investigation has featured a number of bombshells that the leftist media would like to diffuse. In fact, they have been trying to cover it with idiotic tales of child migrant separations that have been conducted for decades. Yet, from revelations of bribery at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to a new Peter Strzok text message that made clear his intent to undermine Donald Trump, the investigation and hearing have been extremely illuminating for the American people.

However, Mark Meadows, Chairman of the Freedom Caucus and North Carolina Congressman, managed to make a few stunning revelations during the hearing himself. He managed to unmask two more anti-Trump officials who worked at the FBI. The couple was involved in another hidden ‘relationship’ at the agency. Truly, Meadows is doing the peoples’ work.

Among other revelations in the report carried out by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General was the fact that these agents at the Bureau appeared to be working against Donald Trump out of a partisan dislike for him.

In the report, ‘Agent 1’ and ‘Agent 5’ are repeatedly referenced, tied to claims that they fixed various 302 reports in order to change testimony to make prosecution more or less likely based on the claims in said reports.

According to the report, they also had a romantic relationship, much like a more well-known pair of FBI agents, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. Incidentally, Strzok and Page were also involved in, and allegedly showed political bias about, the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump/ ‘Russian Collusion’ investigations.

One of the two unnamed ‘agents’ in this pair is Sally Moyer. The other is Kevin Clinesmith.

The FBI claimed that both of the ‘agents’ that Congressman Meadows outed worked in ‘counterintelligence’ operations, which allowed the Bureau to keep their identities out of the public record, even though they were both referred for punishment by Inspector General Horowitz.

However, it turns out that neither Clinesmith nor Moyer were in counterintelligence.

Instead, the pair both worked for the general counsel of the FBI, meaning that they essentially worked to help provide legal advice to the agency.

This undermines the claims that the executive law enforcement agency was hiding their identities because they were in counterintelligence.

It also means that, when Representative Ted Poe of Texas asked Horowitz about the identities of the agents referred for punishment, someone was not being entirely honest.

The FBI seems to be happy to continue to undermine the elected government, though, and that is unacceptable. The agency cannot lie to Congress about the work their employees do, then lie about why those employees and their identities should be hidden from public consumption.

There are plenty of legal reasons for withholding information. When none of the conditions are met to properly censor such information, or to refuse to divulge names of employees, then they do not deserve special protection.

Furthermore, it’s disturbing to see that the FBI is using extralegal means in an attempt to protect its agents who have abused their power in order to push for political means.

The agency has a long history of doing its best to cover up a scandal, and undermine the ability of outsiders to penalize members who were found to have acted poorly.

So, at this point, it seems fairly obvious that the FBI believes itself to be above investigation and punishment. After all, if the agents referred for punishment are never identified, how will the elected officials ever know that they were punished at all?

Consider Peter Strzok. He was never punished for outright stating that he was going to work to undermine Donald Trump, who is currently the U.S. President. In fact, until he was allegedly marched out of the FBI offices yesterday, he was never given any punishment at all.

Until Strzok is outright fired from his position, he will continue to receive payment from taxpayers. At this point, his biased and unethical behavior has been known for at least a year, and likely longer than that.

After all, he sent messages about his opinions of Donald Trump and what to do to undermine him to a number of high-ranking FBI officials. That occurred in 2016, nearly two years ago.

It seems like, given the sensitive nature of the work they do, the Bureau has reverted to the unaccountable way it operated back when J. Edgar Hoover was still alive. This is not acceptable in any way.

It’s time that the FBI submit themselves to the same kind of accountability that every other government agency is prone to. If they don’t like it, perhaps the United States doesn’t need their agency anymore.