Republican Joins Russia Investigation

PUBLISHED: 5:42 PM 13 Mar 2018

GOP Member Betrays Party, Suggests Russian Collusion

“There is evidence” of Russia involvement, he claims.

Maybe the "proof" that Rooney speaks of is hiding within a yellow envelope that exists on his mind.

For some unknown reason, every time that a person attempts to come forward proclaiming that President Donald Trump is guilty of some kind of crime with Russia which helped him win the election, the speaker seems to stutter and stammer. On one hand, they say that proof exists and that they must speak out, yet when they do, they guard their words as if they know that no facts are behind them. At no time is this more vibrantly seen that in the case of Representative Tom Rooney (R-FL), as Yahoo News reveals.

Rooney, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, is betraying the G.O.P. and others by ignoring the overwhelming mound of facts that point to Mr. Trump’s innocence (as documented by the House of Representatives on Monday) and insisting that wrongdoing was still somehow accomplished by America’s leader, as the Huffington Post writes of today. He even said that the Russian’s wanted only to create chaos, though that contradicts his whole stance.

Going against all facts, Rooney opined that “there is evidence” of Trump colluding with Russia, he yet (like others who have made the claim) offers no proof. Meanwhile, the House has found a mountain of facts which show that Rooney is wrong.

This is highlighted by how out of one side of his mouth he claims that the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump while also saying that they merely wanted to cause a disruption. Which is true? Even he seemed to not know as he added, “I don’t know that necessarily there was a full-fledged campaign to do everything that they could to help elect Donald Trump. I think that their goal was chaos.

This nuance matters a great deal since there is a vast difference between Russian meddling and Mr. Trump knowing about it and/or endorsing it. It is the latter which has no facts to back it up.

The House has found that Rooney’s words are pure fantasy and that “Russian President Vladimir Putin interfered in the election but not with the goal of aiding Trump.

Even more confusing, Rooney said he supported the House investigation ending! “We’ve gone completely off the rails, and now we’re just basically a political forum for people to leak information to drive the day’s news,” he said. “We’ve lost all credibility, and we’re going to issue probably two different reports, unfortunately.

That much seems clearly possible, too. One report will be factual and show that Mr. Trump had nothing to do with Russia (with tons of facts to prove it) and one shall be pure fancy claiming otherwise (but offering no facts). It is really that cut and dry.

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said, “GOP just shut down House Intel investigation, leaving questions unanswered, leads unexplored, countless witnesses uncalled, subpoenas unissued.” That, however, is what the left is going to say since they started this “witch hunt” and knew that they had no facts on their side when it began.

Thankfully, Rooney is not seeking re-election, though he did add, “Hopefully we can help salvage something positive out of it.”

If that “something” happens to be the truth, this RINO will be happy that he did not run again because facts have a way of making those who don’t have them lose elections when they do.