Wall Fully Funded

PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM 10 Oct 2018

GOP Majority Leader To Introduce Bill To Fully Fund Trump’s Wall

The proposal will allocate the roughly $23.4 billion necessary to fully fund the entire wall along the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico.

GOP Leader plans to unveil bill that would fully find Trump's wall.

House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, plans to introduce a major bill this week that will fully fund President Donald Trump‘s proposed wall along the United States southern border, according to CNN. The president has made the border wall a top priority, and if the GOP holds firm, it could become a reality much sooner than many ever expected.

McCarthy’s bold “we will fight” statement and crafty bill comes after the GOP already passed $1.6 Billion for it, but the news media blackout can’t silence this.

The bill — “Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act” — is expected to be released toward the end of the week, and could be voted on shortly after November’s midterm elections if Speaker of the House Paul Ryan puts it to a floor vote.

The bold proposal, which will allocate roughly $23.4 billion to fully fund the entire wall, has strong support among top Republican lawmakers. This could also ensure the midterm elections are a referendum on immigration policy, and further ignite conservatives to come out in droves to vote against Democrats.

Given Ryan has also signaled he supports the bill, it would appear that Republicans are arguably closer than ever before to taking a major step forward on getting the bill passed.

In a statement, McCarthy argued that securing the border should be a top priority, arguing that Trump’s proposed border wall would dramatically slash illegal immigration and the flow of drugs.

“We intend on having a full-fledged discussion on how to complete our mission to secure the border, and yes, we will have a fight about this. For decades, America’s inability to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration has encouraged millions to undertake a dangerous journey to come here in violation of our laws and created a huge loophole to the legal channels to the immigration process where America welcomes immigrants to our country.”

“President Trump’s election was a wake-up call to Washington. The American people want us to build the wall and enforce the law. Maintaining strong borders is one of the basic responsibilities of any nation. For too long, America has failed in this responsibility.”

McCarthy’s forthcoming bill comes as he is scheduled to travel to the U.S. southern border on Wednesday, where he will speak with federal immigration officials who defend the nation every single day from drug smugglers, human traffickers, and those trying to sneak weapons into the country.

The bill will only deal with physical border security, it will not address the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which has reportedly allowed millions of illegal aliens to have blanket amnesty to stay in the U.S.

The southern border is just shy of 2,000 miles, and an actual concrete wall can be used in most areas. However, some areas are blocked by natural barriers, which wouldn’t have a wall running through it.

Officials have argued that in areas where a natural barrier is located on the border, the government can either place additional agents there and/or build fences that run through to prevent illegals and smugglers from easily infiltrating America.

While liberal lawmakers are arguably doing everything imaginable to block Trump’s wall and allow for open borders, the president is inching closer toward honoring his promise to voters. In fact, construction has already begun.

Trump vowed to have a border wall to combat illegal immigration, deter smugglers, and prevent drug cartels from having easy access into the country.

Democrats have made it clear to many that they support open borders and stand with millions of illegal criminals, but many Americans want to see the border wall completely built.

Republicans are arguably closer than ever before to taking a major step forward on getting the bill passed — but it can only be done if the GOP keeps both majorities in both chambers of Congress.

That should be more than enough motivation for many to get out and make sure they vote.