PUBLISHED: 4:42 PM 28 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 4:55 PM 28 Dec 2017

BREAKING: GOP Issues McCain Institute Subpoena, Dossier SOURCE Bombshell Spells Doom

Those close to the dejected McCain (pictured) are being asked some hard question by Nunes.

Those close to the dejected McCain (pictured) are being asked some hard question by Nunes.

There are no shortage of questions regarding the mysterious x-British spy, Christopher Steele, and the dossier that he penned for the corrupt DNC as they were working to cheat Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The latest well-known name to come up is none other than Arizona Senator, John McCain (R-AZ). This man, who has grown so unpopular that people leave his Twitter account when he asks for more followers, is now being looked (via those that worked with him) as Special Council Mueller’s witch hunt moves on.

The House Intelligence Committee has issued a subpoena for an associate of Arizona Sen. John McCain’s,” the Daily Caller has confirmed today. It is said that this source, “David J. Kramer, a former State Department official,” is aware of the actual names of the “Russian sources” used to compile the dossier that is being wielded like a war hammer against President Donald Trump.

California Rep. Devin Nunes issued the subpoena in what may spell utter doom for those who have attempted to dethrone Trump using false accusations to do so.

Kramer (pictured) has just been subpoenaed due to what he knows about the infamous dossier and the authors.

On December 19th, Kramer had refused to say who the sources were that Steele contacted. The White House is being badgered and they are not even sure who it is that made the wildly inaccurate claims to start with!

We do know that Fusion GPS was an “opposition research firm that was on the payroll of the Clinton” and that this company was who the former spy was working for. This fact alone shows a leftist collusion and reeks of dishonesty.

Nunes plans to speak to Kramer on January 11th and more answers will be sought. So far, it has been determined that Steele used “Russian government officials and Kremlin insiders” to put together the dossier in question. These are the same spooks who were haunting the internet and spying on the DNC, thus adding even more irony to the situation.

It has been established that Kramer is “a former executive at the McCain Institute for Leadership.” McCain has been against Trump ever since the voters rejected the Arizona RINO in favor the needed progress laid out by America’s current leader.

Sir Andrew Wood, “a former British diplomat and associate of the London-based Steele’s” first told McCain and his staff about the report in November of 2016.

Wood (pictured) told McCain of the dossier in November of 2016.

There are so many biased voices that worked in a chorus to craft this lie-ridden dossier that those of us with common sense can not believe that this is even being considered as fact. How can such an obvious ruse be something that could jeopardize the leader of the free world who rightfully won the election, fair and square?

Perhaps, with Kramer being subpoenaed, we may find out.

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