PUBLISHED: 9:17 PM 12 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 9:22 PM 12 Apr 2018

GOP Gov. Shocks Second Amendment Supporters With New Gun Laws

Vermont conservatives are disappointed and furious with the governor.

Vermont just became significantly more dangerous thanks to new gun laws.

It is, of course, maddening to see liberals attempting to violate the second amendment for their own peace of mind. Unfortunately, however, a more disturbing trend can be seen as otherwise conservative legislators fight for gun control.

This occurred this week in Vermont when Republican Governor Phil Scott signed into law three gun-grabbing measures, one of which would mandate a ‘red flag’ policy which allows the government to strip guns out of citizens’ hands for often ridiculous reasons.

The new laws will change gun ownership in several main ways. The first of which is that the state increased the legal age limit to purchase an ‘assault weapon’ to 21, up from 18 for long guns. This means that 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds may serve the country using similar weapons as defense yet cannot own them outside of military service in Vermont.

Background checks will be ‘expanded’ to hopefully ensure that firearms do not find themselves in the wrong hands, however, this is probably the most reasonable out of all the new laws.

‘High-capacity’ magazines are now banned under the following conditions: they hold over 10 rounds for long guns or over 15 rounds for handguns, “unless purchased before October 1, 2017.”

Of course, it would not be a modern-day firearm ban if new legislation did not include a bump stock ban, the latest fear among the left following the Las Vegas shooting.

However, easily the most disturbing new measure is a ‘red flag’ law which essentially turns judges, officials, and police officers in the state of Vermont into professional gun grabbers.

Under this law, other citizens can report an individual as dangerous and authorities can mandate if the individual in question should retain the right to bear arms. Known in other states as extreme orders of protection, such policies are highly unconstitutional, as they bypass due process by disarming an individual immediately.

One problem with such a policy is that no one is immune from having their weapons taken away, and under such a law, all it theoretically takes to have someone’s second amendment rights revoked is a vendetta against them along with a convincing enough argument for authorities.

Another issue with such ‘red flag’ policies is that, as seen in Parkland, Florida, the shooter demonstrated repeatedly that he was a danger to himself or others, yet all allegations against him were blatantly ignored.

Unsurprisingly, considering that Scott was elected as a republican leader to defend constitutional rights, including the second amendment, gun owners who previously supported him are furious over the liberally pressured betrayal.

A local second amendment group titled the ‘Vermont Gun March’ held an event last week “to protest the bills” and plead for Scott to defend their rights.

Other protestors have called upon Scott, yet, after he signed the laws, created the phrase #NotMyGovernor. Some even handed out magazines containing 30 rounds of ammunition, of course, prior to the new set of laws.

However, Scott defended the new laws, saying “If we are at a point when our kids are afraid to go to school and parents are afraid to put their kids on a bus, who are we?”

It appears that depends on the political leaning of who is asked, however, other states are having their own debates regarding how far they will go in implementing gun control.

Most recently, liberals in Louisiana attempted to raise the age limit to purchase long guns to 21, however it was denied in the state Senate “by a vote of 26 to nine.”

However, the state has yet to determine if it will also ban bump stocks but will come to a decision next week.

It appears, however, that Scott felt passing such laws in Vermont was personal to his local community, as it admittedly experienced a scare when 18-year-old Jack Swayer was taken into custody after being suspected of planning a shooting at a nearby high school in February.

While other republican lawmakers have also abandoned second amendment supporters, it does not make it any less disturbing to witness.

When he publicly signed the laws on Wednesday, pro-gun individuals yelled phrases such as ‘traitor’ in Scott’s direction.

While that may seem harsh, it is significant that prior to the recent gun hysteria, Scott was considered a ‘grade-A’ politician, according to the NRA. In 2016, he even claimed that “I don’t believe we need more gun restrictions in Vermont at this time.”

However, as liberals close in on the second amendment, it is clear that some republicans are unwilling to fight for gun rights even if they previously promised to.