PUBLISHED: 5:30 PM 22 Feb 2017

GOP Congress Now Filibustering Themselves, Continue To Uphold Obama’s Mandates During “Talks”


The GOP is the only thing holding back the progress of Trump’s agenda, proving that Trump goes beyond parties and is exposing corruption.

With head shaking clarity, most Americans remember with disgust how George W. Bush looked into the camera at the end of the third debate against Al Gore and said, with a beaded eyed sincerity, that should the U.S.A. face a horrible event that it was him who we would want at the helm.  The voters gave him that trust and he used the Twin Tower attacks (which some claim that he could have stopped) to entangle the United States so deeply in the Middle East that we have weapons on Russia’s border and they again have their missiles pointed due west.

It seems that America became, with just cause, more concerned with the honesty of the president than with the honesty of everyone else that’s around him. After finding that Bush was a liar, Obama proved to be someone who not only lied, but rarely managed to tell the truth at all. While everyone was saying that Trump was going to be dishonest, the average American trusted the man, which has thus far proved to be a well-placed trust. The problem is that, just as only the daily political junkies predicted, that Congress and even some of those in Trump’s inner circle are going to try and derail him in order to keep the status quo alive because they are invested deeply in America’s loss.


Rand Paul dashed angrily from a meeting with Paul Ryan, frustrated that the GOP is doing nothing to further real economic help or Obamacare repealing, as promised.

Matt Drudge sounded the alarm that tax cuts, Obamacare dismantling, and more were in jeopardy and Constitutionalist hero Rand Paul walked (stormed) out of a meeting where Paul Ryan was adding water to the Trump wine by trying to keep the Medicaid extension and Obamacare tax credits in place. These tax credits, Paul shows, will be snowballed into another entitlement program, something that would only worsen the problems faced today.

All of this has lead some on the left to pretend that president Donald Trump is not able to man the ship because the GOP can not do their jobs well. This is the thoughts of Jonathan Weisman who tries to imply that by now, Obama in the same time had rolled out his “stimulus plan.” He does not bother to mention that it may have been presented so hastily because it was a disaster. It was thrown out in a state of panic so that it could appear that Obama was doing something, which in essence he did; .he fed the power brokers, movers, and bankers who caused the whole mess to start with. They should have been jailed like Iceland did to their criminal bankers, not been given free Obama money.


While the sentences did shorten, Iceland jailed their bankers while Obama rewarded ours with his Stimulus Bill. Trump is seeing gridlock that is slowing his plans of economic justice to the people.

Therefore, we know that just as Obamacare and stimulus were rushed and failed awfully, Trump can not rush a new idea. Contrary to those who walk around the political world with horse blinders on like Weisman of the (failing) New York Times, Trump as president has already stopped the TPP from rending the economy into bits forever, began talks with too many world leaders to name, extended an olive branch to a war happy Putin, saved Carrier growth for America, and put the order in for the needed “Trump Wall.” Having seen only failings with the implementation of his travel ban and Green Cards (thanks, Priebus) and the leaks problem (thanks AGAIN, Priebus), Trump is surely not looking to rush anything through.

That being said, the American voters elected Trump to get rid of Obamacare. He was put into the White House in part because we as Americans do not want fines, no forced insurance, no high premiums, no high deductibles, and we don’t want anyone but our doctor and ourselves saying what needs to be done. We don’t want cost of care, even expensive care, to be a factor. If the government can not present that then maybe the government should get OUT of the healthcare business as the Constitution suggests; but if not, then first of all, we want Obamacare GONE. We don’t want it fixed, altered, tweaked, or repaired and reworded, but we want it abolished and thrown into the fireplace. Any questions, Paul Ryan?


Donald Trump is seeing his own party attempting to dampen his sound economic policy to help America recover from the damage done by 16 years of Bush and Obama failings.

The GOP has no reason for this foot-dragging, but if it carries on much longer, it can be imagined that Trump will again get much more vocal against his own party that runs Congress. The infrastructure bill is still not complete though Trump has spoken for quite some time about the failing of America’s bridges, roads, and highways. Gov. Jerry Brown of California has all but allowed past funds to be misused or ignored to the point where a dam almost created a deluge of problems and STILL the GOP dillies about.

Tax reform is another area that the president’s plans seem to have met a patch of Crazy Glue because while America is still being over taxed to the point of unbelievability, the Republicans have been busy doing very little to address these problems. Donald Trump’s track record on keeping his word is all but flawless (having only backed away from locking up Clinton for her crimes due to concerns about division if he does), so it is easy to see where the blame lies here. Trump is not tied to the lobbies and big money that Washington D.C. is mired in, having made his riches in other sectors. The GOP is still neck deep in such corruption and harmful practices, so each member is busy trying to stall or keep their own little piece of preferred corruption while everyone else loses theirs, or so their thinking goes.


Paul Ryan is wanting to keep some of the most harmful and damaging aspects of Obamacare in place even though Trump was elected with a mandate to repeal and replace it.

Rand Paul and the president certainly are not friends these days, though in the past it seemed that the two had golf talks about charities for Paul’s eye-care interests. Short jokes were the norm all cycle, but then something happened after the dust settled. Paul understood that America had to come first and when the xxx rated Russian prostitute scandal that never happened unfolded, Rand spoke the loudest in defense of Trump. If more Republicans stood on ideals and not lobby money and big business ties then perhaps the nation could actually begin to recover from 8 years of Obama because God knows, we need to.