Cheater Blasted

PUBLISHED: 7:13 PM 10 May 2018

GOP Candidate Blasts Democrat For Cheating With Best Friend’s Wife

"The question is very simple ladies and gentlemen: if you can't trust Gavin with his best friend's wife, how can you trust him with your state?" Allen asked.

Newsom is taking on many questions about his affair.

California‘s ‘jungle primary’ heated up after a republican candidate for governor brutally mentioned Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s affair with his best friend’s wife years ago, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

During a debate between a bevy of candidates vying to be California’s governor, Travis Allen made a brutal comment about how the state can’t trust Newsom because he had an affair with a married woman in 2005.

“The question is very simple ladies and gentlemen: if you can’t trust Gavin with his best friend’s wife, how can you trust him with your state?” Allen asked.

Ouch. The election tactic has raised some questions about whether the comment was appropriate or not.

Allen was referring to an affair Newsom had with Ruby Rippey Gibney, who served as Newsom’s commission appointments secretary in his office for many years. Gibney was married to Alex Tourk, Newsom’s best friend and campaign manager at the time. So, Newsom slept with his best friend’s wife while she was working for him.

In response, Newsom immediately made it about President Donald Trump and claimed the president is a sexual harasser.

“It’s hard with respect to hear from Mr. Allen who is a devout supporter of Donald Trump talk about the issue of sexual harassment,” Newsom said. He also admitted he was ‘wrong.’ Big of him… voters are just supposed to forget about it.

Trump has denied all allegations that he every sexually abused and harassed anyone. On the other hand, Newsom admitted that he was guilty of having an affair with his best friend’s wife, making him the poster boy for scumbags.

Newsom even admitted it during the debate, saying he was honest and upfront about his affair. No, he was honest and upfront after he got caught betraying his best friend and campaign manager with an adulterous relationship. Newsom has all but admitted he’s a sexual predator, and some might argue Allen had the right to call him out for it.

Amazingly enough, other democrats on the stage have also previously blasted Newsom for the affair.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Amanda Renteria, who worked as the political director of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 presidential campaign, blasted Newsom in a series of tweets. She accused him of abusing his power to carry out sexual misconduct.

The debate was made possible because of California’s odd two-jungle primary system. In the primary, all of the candidates are on the ballot. Then, the top two candidates — regardless of political party — who secure the most votes will move on to the general election in November.

Current polls show that Newsom is the frontrunner and that he may cruise to victory without so much as a speed bump.

Californians and wealthy elites appear un-bothered by his admitted adultery, laundry list of wealthy donors, and insistence on defying the Trump administration and federal immigration law.

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