PUBLISHED: 6:07 PM 9 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 7:31 PM 9 Jan 2018

GOP At Odds As Cuban Hearings Begin, Internal State Department Mute As Tillerson “Convinced”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (pictured) is not about to allow this happen to U.S. diplomats and have nothing happen.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (pictured) is not about to allow this happen to U.S. diplomats and have nothing happen.

A great injustice was done against Americans in Cuba, though for far too long, the U.S. government failed to show any interest in the matter. As the Conservative Daily Post has shown in the past, the “memory, balance, and hearing” of U.S. Embassy workers were forever harmed as mysterious weapons were used against them, yet little was done. Some reports are even more grave!

MSN News reports that, finally, these attacks “will be the subject of a Senate hearing.” It used to be that if someone dared so much as sneeze on a U.S. citizen, the hammer fell hard. Now, it seems that tiny communist nations can damage Americans for life with unknown weapons while at an embassy and it takes eons to even have it investigated.

Sadly, the Senate is not expected to “resolve the mystery of what” some have reasonably called the “sonic attacks” really were. “There are some people with symptoms happening that are unexplained,” admitted Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ). “The Cubans bristle at the word ‘attack.’ I think they are justified at doing so. The FBI has said there is no evidence of an attack. We shouldn’t be using that word.”

Florida’s Marco Rubio (pictured) has also shown concern over the matter.

This statement lacks any common sense since the only other outcome would be that a sonic weapon was accidentally used at an embassy or that terrorists of some sort did it. While that may make for a great movie plot, there is no evidence that either was the case.

Flake feels that he has to talk that way, perhaps. He is a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and is famous for pushing for better relations with the failing communist state. He claims to have “received classified briefings that backed up Cuba’s denials of involvement in the incidents,” so maybe it was something else.

Still, it is impossible to many that the Cuban government does not know a lot more than they are admitting to. “It is impossible to conduct 24 separate & sophisticated attacks on U.S. Govt personnel in #Havana without the #CastroRegime knowing about it,” tweeted Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a man of Cuban descent.

No one staying an embassy deserves the kind of treatment that Cuba gave.

Any U.S. official briefed on matter knows full well that while method of attack still in question, that attacks & injuries occurred isn’t,” he added.

The case is quite worrisome since the “buzzing” noise sickened many people. Those enduring the noise discovered that “if they left the rooms they were in, the symptoms and sounds immediately stopped.” This would seem to imply that, counter to what Cuba claims, this was something that targetted these diplomats.

U.S. officials have said that those who were abused by the noise suffered “concussion-like symptoms, including hearing loss, dizziness, balance problems, visual complaints, headaches, fatigue, cognitive issues and difficulty sleeping.” The fact that even cognitive responses were harmed is very, very frightening.

President Trump feels that Cubans are “responsible” for the attack and has refused to allow the matter to brushed under the carpet and ignored.

Also, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stood up boldly for the American’s who have suffered (along with a myriad of Canadians and others). He has said plainly, “What we’ve said to the Cubans is [it’s] a small island, you got a sophisticated security apparatus, you probably know who’s doing it, you can stop it.

He also said, “We understand the Cubans don’t like the actions we’ve taken. We don’t like our diplomats being targeted.”

Meanwhile, Flake reminds us that “This is an important year in Cuba. There is a transition going on in terms of leadership. We ought to be here in full force, but go to the US Embassy and there’s just a skeletal staff.”

While having better relations with Cuba may sound flowery and nice, who wants to be better related to a nation that would allow the use of a weapon like this on innocent visiting Americans?

Thankfully, not the current administration.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostMSN News